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Look who’s actively looking for more UK Investments

A recent article from BBC News Business caught my attention.

It is very interesting that Warren Buffett, an 88-year-old Veteran Investor has said that he’s actively looking to make large investments into both the UK and the European economies, despite all the uncertainty surrounding the future relationship.

Buffett has built up a reputation over the years for being an extremely well-measured investor, not least because of the vast amount of information that he gathers on a company/ sector before actually investing in it.

His announcement at this years Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Event could, therefore, be seen as a positive sign for investor confidence, especially amongst the negative headlines we have grown used to seeing day-in-day-out.


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Benefit from investments with a property investment company

Taking advantage of expertise in property investments

The truth about property investments vs. stock market portfolios is that property investments knock the spots off the stock market. If you’d bought an average-value house 90 years ago, your capital growth today would be around 47,000%. The same investment in shares would have grown by just 11,000%. When you invest in property:
  • The rental yield is higher than the dividend yield on shares;
  • You can take advantage of the benefits of gearing in property investment and make a money profit you don’t have; and
  • You can benefit from tax deductibles to reduce your income tax liability.
If you’re like most people, you won’t know where to look for investment opportunities. So you’ll go to a financial advisor, who will sell you an investment on the stock market. You’ll miss out on the benefits of investing in buy-to-let property because a financial advisor isn’t allowed to advise on investing in property that is directly held. In this post I’m going to look at how working with a property investment company can get you the advantages that investors with property benefit from every day. Read More

8 reasons investors are snapping up Birmingham property

Why Birmingham is top of the list of best places to invest in property UK

When you’re researching locations to find the best places to invest in property UK, you really want to find an area where all the property fundamentals are strongest. You’ll be looking at factors such as shops, schools, transport links, major employers and major investment. You’ll want to have evidence that where you are investing has a promising future, backed by a strong local economy and a growing population. Read More

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Property investors are flocking to Birmingham, and here’s why

It seems a long time ago when London was the hot attraction in the UK property market. There’s a new hotspot now, and that hotspot is Birmingham. The Urban Land Institute named Birmingham as the UK’s number one location for property investment in its Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2017 report. In this article, you’ll learn why Birmingham could be the best place to invest in 2018. Read More
Why cash in the bank is destroying your future, and what to do about it

Why cash in the bank is destroying your future, and what to do about it

High yield passive property investment opportunities you can’t afford to ignore

Property investment – is it the best strategy to create high yielding passive income? What are the other best investment opportunities available to cash-rich investors today? In this article, we discuss the four highest yielding passive income investments and compare their pros and cons. You’ll also find out the effect of inflation on your money, and learn why keeping cash in the bank is a sure-fire way to destroy your future. If you are wondering what is the best passive investment asset for you, in a few minutes, you’ll have all the answers. Read More
Exploit the benefits of positive cash flow investment property

Investing for positive cash flow from investment property

Could you take advantage of investing in positive cash flow opportunities?

In our last few articles, we’ve examined how investing for capital growth can produce incredible benefits. Among several capital growth topics, we’ve discussed: Now, I love to buy residential investment property for capital growth. But that doesn’t mean investing for positive cash flow can’t be equally financially rewarding. In fact, some of the best property investors I know invest exclusively in positive cash flow property investment opportunities. Read More