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The truth about investment opportunities and retirement

Investment Property can be overlooked as a retirement option, but jumping to such conclusions could be costly. In this article, I’m going to look at the story of two twin brothers, Paul and James, who both inherited £20,000 in 1996 when they were aged 40 years. They each decided to do something very different with […]

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4 benefits of buying property below market value

Investing in property for better returns When you’re investing in property for the first time, the benefits of investing in property below market value aren’t always obvious. Of course, buying as cheaply as possible is a no-brainer. Understanding why this is so will add spice to your investment strategy. In this investment blog, you’ll learn four […]

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How to make money when buying off-plan property investments

Reducing the risks of off-plan investments Buying off-plan property investments is an investment strategy that many investors use to maximise their profits. Buying off-plan, you’ll usually get to lock in a decent discount from today’s value. That should give you a safety net against a fall in market prices, and in a stable or good […]

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Why property investment is number one for income investing

The property investor knows the secret of a secure retirement Whether you’re investing in property for now or for the future, at some time the long-term property investor will turn to his or her portfolio as an income-investing vehicle. And when it comes to income investing, rental income is hard (if not impossible) to beat.

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Investment property – 7 things new property investors don’t know about property investment

For the property investor, knowledge is profit When we discussed the 4 top tips for the property investor to make the best property investment decisions, we looked very briefly at just how good property investment is when compared to other investments such as the stock market. Even given the huge outperformance of around 300% in […]

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