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UK Property Investment

Introducing the Effect of Schools and Education on Property Prices

Why You Should Invest in Property near Education Establishments When you invest in property, you want to invest in a location that will offer both income and capital growth potential. In other words, a location that is likely to attract tenants and homebuyers, now and in the future. Competition from prospective tenants puts upward pressure […]

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Why you should invest your pension money into property

Property as a pension investment has crushed shares If you visit a financial advisor to discuss your retirement plans, the chances are that residential investment property won’t be mentioned. You can call me a cynic, but my best guess why your financial advisor won’t even broach the subject is that there is little to nothing […]

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How much inheritance tax is paid on your investment property?

How to protect your property portfolio from inheritance tax when you die? When you die, your investment property will form part of your estate. If your whole estate is worth more than £325,000, then your heirs may have to pay inheritance tax. With property prices rising so much in recent years, you might be worried […]

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How do I know I’m being offered below market value property deals?

When investing in property, you need more than a comparable valuation Investing in a property, I believe, should be seen as a buy-and-hold investment. As the market moves through its natural cycle, short-term prices will fall as well as rise. Hold an investment property long enough, and the price will eventually rise above the price […]

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Property Investment – Why it’s is a people business

Great property investors are good at relationship management One mistake that I see property investors making all the time is thinking that property investment is simply a numbers game. While it’s true that making the numbers add up is important, and using strategies to reduce the effects of UK tax changes on your investment will […]

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Avoid these 5 common negotiating mistakes made by property investors

Property investment negotiating skills are nurture, not nature When it comes to making a property investment below market value, the game of property investment really hots up in the negotiating stage. Maybe because I learned the hard way when I first started out as a property investor, I cringe when I witness or hear about the […]

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