Buy Property in the UK – Why do house builders prefer bricks & mortar?

Buy Property in the UK – Why do they keep using bricks

It may seem a little obvious that house builders would be into bricks in this day and age, there are all kinds of materials available to the modern construction team.

It's not just about the materials though, it's more about the time it takes to get the property completed. You see the faster the build time the sooner it completes and the sooner money exchanges hands.

What this means is if you select a product with a faster build time the builder will be able to stay ahead of all his bills. What this means is that your staged payments will be due before he has to pay back the suppliers he ordered the building materials from. This means less out of pocket expense and as a result he's likely to take a smaller margin.That's why we select the houses that we do. The materials, the build time and the builder have all been chosen to get you the best product at the best price 'cause keeping the builder happy means he's happy to take a smaller margin.

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