By 2030, Most Property Investors Wish They’d Bought Property in Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter. Here’s Why…

Brett Alegre-Wood
May 19, 2022

Picture this….it’s 2030. Eight years ago, you bought a 2 bedroom canalside apartment in Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter…

Near your apartment are 2 universities and the now open High Speed 2 Station… With High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) transport link, London is just 53-minutes away. 

At night, your tenants…two young international students, are enjoying the view of the city’s skyline. And after a week of studying, they can party ‘til Saturday morning. 

They don’t worry about the rent. Their parents paid for it… And just like these students, you also never worry about who will pay for your property’s rent. 

You never worry about cash flow and property management. 

For years, your apartment is just there and you sleep with a peaceful mind that it is being well-managed while it grows its value to either finance your retirement, your family’s upcoming vacation in Hawaii or to secure your children’s future.

Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter for Property Investors

Now back to the present time… Wouldn’t it be great if it’s really you whose property gained that massive increase in value?

Well, it is possible with Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter and its growing student population, rising employment opportunities, HS2 transport link, and increasing housing demands. 

With these also, Eastside Birmingham's property investment's average rental yield of 5.72% is forecasted to increase once the £10 billion Big City Plan is completed in 2030.

How Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter Promotes Property Investment

One of the reasons why property investors choose Eastside Birmingham over the other city quarters is because international students, including the Brummies, favour this Knowledge Quarter as their educational destination.

Eastside Birmingham is the home of high-class institutions such as Aston University, Birmingham City University, Millennium Point, Birmingham Science Park Aston, and a new Engineering Academy.

These universities are known for producing world-class graduates with readily available employment opportunities waiting for them inside Eastside Birmingham. Imagine, graduates being turned into employees, there will be greater demand for new build and off-plan properties.

Aston University (6 minute walk to Birmingham City Centre)

Aston University is proud to host students from over 120 countries on its safe and welcoming campus, with access to state-of-the-art facilities such as robotics labs and laser cutting workshops.

It is a 6-minute walk to City Centre, allowing students to get out and explore a city that is famous for its numerous cultural and leisure activities. Also, a 45-minute trip to London is possible with the upcoming HS2 Curzon Station. 

These make the properties in the areas a serious investment opportunity for those who wish to take advantage of the convenience and accessibility of this educational institution in Eastside Birmingham.

Birmingham City University (8 minute walk to Birmingham City Centre)

Birmingham City University is an 8-minute walk away from City Centre. It has invested over £400 million to transform the landscape of Eastside Birmingham.

It created an even more welcoming area for students from 80 countries and provided cutting-edge facilities, including the latest engineering technology, 3D printing studios, and Horology Workshops.

Birmingham City University will also become the home of the city’s HS2 transport link, a 5-minute walk from the campus. What this means is a boosted property investment opportunity in the area.

Property Investors Closely Watch Eastside Birmingham With Its Growing Student Population

Birmingham is a student city with over 80,000 learners enrolled at eight universities, including Eastside Birmingham’s Aston University and Birmingham City University.

The growing student population boosts the Knowledge Quarter’s economy and increases the housing demands. This makes Eastside Birmingham a property location to watch for. 

£1.5 Billion HS2 Regeneration Transforms Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter To A Property Investment Hotspot

Aside from being a go-to spot for education, Eastside Birmingham provides easy access to transportation, including the upcoming £1.5 Billion HS2 transport link located on Curzon Street.

Imagine a high-speed train connecting Birmingham and London, reaching its destination in 45 minutes. This will positively affect students' lives and provide other halo effects on Eastside Birmingham property investments

Birmingham Property Investment

This HS2 regeneration project, along with the 20-year Big City Plan worth £10 billion, includes the construction of several new neighbourhoods covering almost 150 hectares, with 4,000 new homes and 36,000 new jobs.

With these massive investment opportunities and the popularity of Eastside Birmingham Knowledge Quarter, its growing student population and regeneration projects, properties within the area are becoming an increasingly lucrative investment. 

Investing early would mean a possibility of massive portfolio growth and returns. But it always pays off to build a good solid education before buying an investment property.

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing or would like help in finding the best real estate investments for new build and off-plan developments, don’t hesitate to chat with the team or call us on 02079236100. 

We are also happy to guide you through our Masterclass Free Video. We will help you with investment strategies and cash flow while finding the perfect property for your needs.


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