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Property Investor

How this Barrister & Law Lecturer became a Retired Property Investor!

Video Transcription: Brett:Welcome to Property Rant. So today I’ve got the privilege of being here with Jim Kirby. So Jim’s been one of our clients since about 2005-Jim:Five or six.Brett:Five or six, yeah. And so that’s 14, 15 years, 16 years potentially. No, 15 years.Jim:Yeah, 15 years.Brett:15 years. So, the great thing about that is Jim’s […]

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Renting UK Property

Post UK Election – Two Impacts of Renting Property

Video Transcription: Hi, guys. So, Tory majority and its effect on lettings, and actually landlords and how we’re going to be letting our properties and that sort of thing and what really is in the manifesto. The interesting thing with the manifesto, there wasn’t a lot on housing. Really the focus was on Brexit and getting […]

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Buy to let Property

Prepare for the process of progression when you invest in buy-to-let property

How to keep on top of paperwork and process when you invest off-plan In our last article, we examined the mistakes that are so easy to make during the progression process. In this article, we look at the progression process for an off-plan property in a little more detail. This overview will help you understand […]

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UK Property Investment

How to eliminate emotional bias and invest in property more successfully

10 tips to help you think logically and invest in property successfully In our last article, we described how property investment is an emotional roller coaster. This is especially true for inexperienced investors. The more experience you gain, the less your emotional bias will affect your judgement. These tips will help you make investment decisions […]

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Buy to Let Property

How to reduce your buy-to-let costs

Strategies to maximise profits by reducing your costs as a landlord In our last article, we introduced you to the range of costs that a landlord might face. Some are mandatory, with little scope to reduce them. Fortunately, the mandatory costs (EPC, Gas Safety Certificate, and ICO registration) are only a total cost of around […]

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Raising Capital

How do you raise capital to invest in buy-to-let property?

Buy-to-let financing solutions explained You want to invest in property. You want to change your life, and take advantage of the long-term benefits of buy-to-let investment. The potential rental income and increase in value could help you retire earlier and wealthier. There’s only one hurdle you need to negotiate: raising the capital to invest. There […]

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Buy to let property

An Introduction to Buy-to-Let Costs

To reduce your costs, understand what they are In our last two articles, we examined the nature of rental income and how to maximise it. Buy-to-let investment is a business, and, like all businesses, there are costs of running a buy-to-let property. Maximising rental income is only part of the equation to maximise your buy-to-let […]

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Should You Buy Even If You Know The Price Is Going Down?

The question really comes down to what is your long term goal and what are you looking for? It all depends on you. Do your research, look at the fundamentals. Talk to our team, know the right strategy and we can help you make the right decision. https://www.gladfish.com Video Transcription: Hey guys, Brett’s Property Rants. Should you be buying property […]

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Property Rant 004 – You can get around the UK tax changes

Happy New YearBrett Alegre-Wood​Tax Changes got you worried? Ignore the doomsayers and get some professional advice, the simple strategies are already available to you. You just need to bring on a new advisor… Who? Watch the video and find out. Hey guys, Brett Alegre-Wood from Gladfish Property. Property search. Think Gladfish. So in this scene, what I […]

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Property Rant 003 – I Laughed when they said… Buy To Let is Dead!

 Video Transcription: Hi, guys. Brett Alegre-Wood here from GladFish Property Investment. Property search. Think Gladfish. Okay. So, guys, what I want to cover today was, is buy-to-let still worthwhile investing in? I mean, in UK property investment we seem to have nothing but negativity about the market, about tax changes and Brexit, uncertainty, Trump and all this sort […]

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