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Property Rant 004 – You can get around the UK tax changes

Happy New YearBrett Alegre-Wood​Tax Changes got you worried? Ignore the doomsayers and get some professional advice, the simple strategies are already available to you. You just need to bring on a new advisor… Who? Watch the video and find out. Hey guys, Brett Alegre-Wood from Gladfish Property. Property search. Think Gladfish. So in this scene, what I […]

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Property Rant 003 – I Laughed when they said… Buy To Let is Dead!

Happy New YearBrett Alegre-Wood Hi, guys. Brett Alegre-Wood here from GladFish Property Investment. Property search. Think Gladfish. Okay. So, guys, what I want to cover today was, is buy-to-let still worthwhile investing in? I mean, in UK property investment we seem to have nothing but negativity about the market, about tax changes and Brexit, uncertainty, Trump and all […]

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Property Rant 002

Happy New YearBrett Alegre-Wood​2017 is the year where experts are predicting interest rates will begin to rise, but do they have to affect your portfolio. Here’s 3 simple steps to making sure you are interest rate proof in your portfolio. Hi, guys. Brett here from Gladfish. Property search. Think Gladfish.So, what I wanted to cover today […]

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13 tips to increase your rental income and reduce void periods

A baker’s dozen of buy-to-let advice for investors worried about getting tenants Congratulations! You’ve decided to invest in property. Take it from a seasoned property investor, simply making the decision to buy UK property has shifted you into a higher gear when it comes to creating the lifestyle you deserve. But you still have concerns. […]

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How much does it really cost to invest in property?

Do your cash flow due diligence for property investment success When you invest in property, it pays to know all the costs upfront. There will be taxes, running costs, and insurances. Then there may be service charges, maintenance, and, of course, mortgage interest payments. Understanding the true cost when you invest in property will help […]

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When you invest in property, you need to know the realistic market rent

There are three rents: two you ignore, and one you calculate When you’re investing in a property for its long-term potential, one of your main considerations will be the rental income you could receive. Your cash flow depends upon it. However, rental income doesn’t always meet with sales agents’ promises. There are plenty of horror […]

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