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Stanmore Property Investment

As London prices ripple out, Stanmore property catches a wave

Attractive and affluent with strong investment potential

Stanmore, in the London Borough of Harrow, is one of those locations that beg you to live there: affluent, leafy, suburban. Surrounded by green spaces and conservation areas, and with an understated high street that is home to an eclectic choice of boutique-style shops, restaurants and cafés, Stanmore property is attractive for all the right reasons. And though in Zone 5, commuters are only 48 minutes to Canary Wharf and 37 minutes to Waterloo. But this is only part of what makes it so exciting for property investors. Read More
London - Big ben and houses of parliament, UK

Why London Property will Astound AGAIN!

It's amazing to hear people talking down London property just like they did before and during the financial crisis. 'London was overcooked', 'Don't buy London', 'Stay away or lose your shirt'. I have heard it all before and sure London isn't growing like it was but make no mistake London is still a world city, it's still the best fundamentals... Read More

When will London house prices fall?

House prices in the UK ebb and flow constantly

A friend of mine struggled to buy his home in the late 1980s. He told me that his father had faced a similar struggle in the early 1970s. My friend bought his first house at a price of around £80,000. At first, the value rose to almost £100,000 in a little more than two years. Then it fell by around 30% to around £63,000. He’s moved a couple of times since, but his first house recently came onto the market again. It is now priced at more than £290,000 – almost four times what he paid for it, in less than 30 years. My friend’s father paid £9,000 for his first home. That property is now valued at more than £360,000. One of the common factors in both cases is that property prices were said to be too high at the time. Youngsters “will never be able to afford to buy their home.” In this post I’ll look at the reasons why property prices are so high, and why they’ll probably continue to go up over the long term. You’ll also discover the real reason why house prices in the UK took a tumble in the late 1980s, and again in 2008/9. Read More

Investment news – How the night tube will boost London property prices and buy-to-let investors

24-hour trains will increase demand from buyers and renters

After several rounds of strikes by tube drivers, stalled conciliatory talks, and finally an acceptance of a deal by the RMT, the night tube is finally due to start running at the end of August this year. In a phased introduction, it’s not going to be all in, all at once as Boris Johnson had wanted and the limited operations are a year later than planned. As the service picks up pace and extends further through to a more comprehensive coverage in 2017, and then to the Docklands Light Railway by 2021, London property prices are set to get another boost, and buy-to-let investors could see their rental returns pop. Read More

How a growing student population impacts house prices

Crunching the numbers to get to the truth

There are plenty of property investment opportunities being sold which specialise in providing accommodation to a growing student population. While these types of property investment are an interesting niche addition to the property investor’s breadth of investment opportunity, what is less considered is the impact of a growing student population on house prices. We’ve found that, generally speaking, house prices rise where there are large student populations, though by how much depends on a number of other factors, too. Analysis of the student population should be only one facet of your investment research. Read More

Smile, frown and disgust… Prospects for the 2016 housing market

So I am an optimist at heart so let's start with the 2 good emotions you'll experience in 2016:

1. Smile... Because all experts are predicting house price increases across the UK.
  • Halifax 4%-6%
  • Hometack 7%
  • Henry Pryor 2%
  • Capital Economics 6%-8%
  • RICS 6%
  • Nationwide 3%-6%
  • and myself, Brett Alegre-Wood 6%
This is indeed a good news if you own property outside London and commuter towns as we should all see our properties increase this year after skipping a whole property cycle. Read More
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