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Nine tips to avoid void periods and maximise buy-to-let profits

Build a void period strategy to increase your buy-to-let profits

Recent news shows research shows that 35% of UK landlords have experienced a void period in the first quarter of 2018. However, the average tenancy is 18 months, and the average void period is 22 days. Some landlords suffer from a constant merry-go-round of tenancies and longer-than-average void periods. Yet some landlords keep their tenants for seven, eight, 10 years and longer. Read More
Buy To Let Property Investment

Savvy buy-to-let investors make sure they invest in landlord insurance

The essential low-cost risk mitigation strategy

When it comes to buy-to-let property, giving someone the run of your property can be daunting. I mean, you don’t even trust your best mate to drive your car. How are you expected to trust people you may never have met to take proper care of your investment property? You know, that box that makes you money and cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds? Read More

What property investors can learn from DIY homeowners

Worthwhile advice from a UK insurer

What do bank holidays mean to you? A day by the seaside? Quality time with family? A session on the river bank, hunting that elusive record roach? A romantic weekend away? According to new research, almost 4 in 10 homeowners plan their bank holiday weekends around DIY home maintenance. The research also contains a warning that is as apt for property investors as it is for homeowners. Read More
7 essential property investor strategies to stay profitable when rents fall

7 essential property investor strategies to stay profitable when rents fall

Proactive landlords will remainsuccessful in tough times

For the first time in around eight years, rents have fallen across the UK for two months running, and three months in London. For the savvy property investor, this does not have to be the end of the world or their passive profits. If you know the right strategies to employ, you should retain your best tenants. You may even be able to increase rents when all around you are lowering them. In this article, you’ll learn the strategies used by professional investors in London and UK property for those rare occasions when rents fall. Read More
Six questions that answer how to invest in property

Six questions that answer how to invest in property

What you should ask to develop the best property investment strategy

How to invest in property depends upon several factors. How do you decide whether you should invest in buy-to-let (BTL) residential investment property, off-plan property, or student accommodation, for example? Are hotel rooms better to invest in than BTL? Should you buy unloved properties, renovate them and flip them? Would investing in a house of multiple occupation (HMO) be the best strategy for you? To decide which strategy to use, you need to take a journey of self-discovery. These are the key questions to answer when you want to know how to invest in property: Read More
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