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Developer Loan Notes

Developer Loan Notes- Are they worth a look

Video Transcription: I wanted to encourage you to look at a thing called developer loan notes. I think really what they are, and they’re a new style investing for most of us and it’s come about via two things really. Which is number one, crowdfunding and all the crowdfunding activities that’ve been going on, which really […]

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Why stock market investors are turning to property developer loan notes

Leave volatility of values and income behind and enhance portfolio returns If you sit down with a financial advisor, you’ll likely be told that the best investment historically has been stocks and shares. You’ll likely be told that your returns depend upon the time in the market, rather than timing the market. Yet, if you […]

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7 benefits of investing in developer loan notes

Could developer loan notes enhance your portfolio returns? Developer loan notes are becoming increasingly popular with investors. Essentially, this is because the investor gets to act like a bank: lending the developer money in return for interest payments – and we all know how much banks make when they lend money. However, it is not […]

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