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Buy to Let Property Investment

Strategies to maximise buy-to-let yield and cut tax on rental income

How to use your allowances to minimise tax on rental income For most investors, property is a long-term investment. According to a report by, gross buy-to-let yields in the UK average 4.17%. In some areas, they are almost three times as high. Gross yields are calculated before tax on rental income and other costs […]

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Residential Property Investment

Why it makes sense to invest in residential investment property

Safer, cheaper, better returns when you build a property portfolio I’m often asked by new clients why I personally think that residential investment property is the way to go for every investor. One thing that I really like about building a property portfolio is that it’s a ‘real’ investment. Property is something that I can […]

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Buy to Let Property

6 buy-to-let strategies to negate a rate increase

Never get caught out by rising interest costs In my last property investment guide, I answered the question How will a mortgage rate increase affect a buy-to-let property investment? Knowing that rises (and falls) in mortgage interest rates are all part of an economic cycle, you’ll want to protect your rental income and cash flow against […]

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How to build a property portfolio and benefit from BTL rentals

To be a successful investor, think like an investor I’m often asked how I achieved the success as a property investor. People assume that I am some sort of whizz-kid with a natural flair for picking the right properties for capital gains and rental income. They assume that I was somehow born with the know-how to build […]

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The truth about investment opportunities and retirement

Investment Property can be overlooked as a retirement option, but jumping to such conclusions could be costly. In this article, I’m going to look at the story of two twin brothers, Paul and James, who both inherited £20,000 in 1996 when they were aged 40 years. They each decided to do something very different with […]

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The benefits of using a buy-to-let mortgage broker

The right mortgage could increase your buy-to-let yield As an investment, residential property has the potential to transform your life. One of the key factors in determining the net rental yield you’ll earn as a buy-to-let landlord is the repayments on your mortgage. When considering how property investment buy-to-let mortgages work, you’ll see that there […]

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4 benefits of buying property below market value

Investing in property for better returns When you’re investing in property for the first time, the benefits of investing in property below market value aren’t always obvious. Of course, buying as cheaply as possible is a no-brainer. Understanding why this is so will add spice to your investment strategy. In this investment blog, you’ll learn four […]

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Property Rant 004 – You can get around the UK tax changes

Happy New YearBrett Alegre-Wood​Tax Changes got you worried? Ignore the doomsayers and get some professional advice, the simple strategies are already available to you. You just need to bring on a new advisor… Who? Watch the video and find out. Hey guys, Brett Alegre-Wood from Gladfish Property. Property search. Think Gladfish. So in this scene, what I […]

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Property Rant 003 – I Laughed when they said… Buy To Let is Dead!

 Video Transcription: Hi, guys. Brett Alegre-Wood here from GladFish Property Investment. Property search. Think Gladfish. Okay. So, guys, what I want to cover today was, is buy-to-let still worthwhile investing in? I mean, in UK property investment we seem to have nothing but negativity about the market, about tax changes and Brexit, uncertainty, Trump and all this sort […]

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Property Rant 002

Happy New YearBrett Alegre-Wood​2017 is the year where experts are predicting interest rates will begin to rise, but do they have to affect your portfolio. Here’s 3 simple steps to making sure you are interest rate proof in your portfolio. Hi, guys. Brett here from Gladfish. Property search. Think Gladfish.So, what I wanted to cover today […]

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