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Property Investment Guide – Selling a property is the biggest mistake in buy-to-let!

Don’t sell whatever you do, At various stages along my career as a property investor, I’ve had the opportunity to sell various properties that I own. It’s a great feeling to be in a position to sell a property for more than you bought and even more than it may have cost you in expenses […]

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Off-Plan Property – Buying off-plan in the wrong market is dangerous

Always check the market We receive a huge amount of feedback from clients who purchase through other property clubs and property investment companies. Unfortunately, many of these companies go bust leaving their clients to fend for themselves on properties that were bought off-plan. In some cases up to 2 or 3 years before completion.

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Rising unemployment and the property market

Here’s the weekly investment news update! This week I cover rising unemployment and it’s lag effect on the property market, the recent price drops and the news of the coming recovery who do you believe on the all important dates? And would you believe that the next property crash is already being predicted? I’ve seen first hand that […]

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The credit crunch is our cash flow saviour! Hallelujah!

Wait . . . what? It might seem like a bit of a weird headline, but I actually think that in many ways the credit crunch has saved many property investors from the pain of rising interest rates and the cash flow problems that go along with it. It’s brought relief to many investors across […]

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