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Property fundamentals show it is time for investors to be bold in London

Savvy property investors ignore Brexit ‘expert’ forecasts As the ‘will we, won’t we?’ Brexit juggernaut rumbles on, it’s time that property investors got back to examining what really underpins profit potential, by concentrating on the property fundamentals that drive supply and demand. Why you need to ignore Brexit We’re currently in the second round of […]

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Is now the time for overseas investors to buy London property?

As Brexit nears, can you afford to miss out on the currency advantage? One of the most common questions I’m asked by overseas investors is if now is the right time to buy London property. It’s looking increasingly like it is. Foreign investors may never get such an opportunity again, though the investing window is […]

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How Hospitals Impact Your Property Investment?

Video Transcription:  Hey guys. So, I wanna talk about hospitals, okay. How do they impact the fundamentals of a property investment? And I have to say, I’ve always loved hospitals and I’ve always loved water, okay? Water most definitely is probably my most favourable thing because it’s very hard to create more water, whether that be […]

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Should you buy property in Suburbs or Cities?

Video Transcription:  So, hey guys. Should you buy in the suburbs or cities? You know, so it’s a really good question actually because I think one of the key things here, and the answer to this is quite simply, it’s about fundamentals, okay? In fact, all investments should start with fundamentals. I mean, I think far […]

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Pick The Next Property Hotspot using the Ripple Effect

Video Transcription:  Hey, guys. So one of my favourite subjects in property is the ripple effect. This is one of the key things that will help you identify where the next hot spot is. Look, I’m a big believer that wherever the media and the newspapers and all that gurus are talking about buying and investing, […]

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How Train Stations Affect Your Property Investment?

Video Transcription:  So, what do you look for? When you talk about train stations, and what are you actually looking for when you’re considering the fundamentals of a train station when it comes to your investment property? And I think, look, having a train station is fantastic. It really does top off and set the fundamentals. […]

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Why overseas investors are gobbling up property in Manchester

Manchester is a mecca for buy-to-let investment Manchester has become a magnet for property investors from the UK and abroad. It benefits from terrific transport connections, exceptional educational establishments, and a hyper-effective economic policy that is transforming the regional economy. It’s a lifestyle city, with the best of urban life and rural recreation within easy […]

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Extra Stamp Duty for Overseas Investors in UK

Video Transcription:  Hey guys. So, I just want to jump into a quick video because Theresa May has announced that she’s going to look at extra stamps duty for overseas investors which, you know, is a real kick in the teeth. I mean, it’s one of these things where you just can’t catch a break as […]

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Should I buy Property with great views

Video Transcription:  Hey guys, so I thought I’d do a quick property rant about fundamentals, and specifically, the fundamentals about, should you buy something that has a bit of a view? Now I’m here. I’m in Toowoomba, and actually, I’m up on the range right now and if you have a look around, this is a […]

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