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Cashflow and Interest Rates… where they’re likely to go?

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So Bretts Property Rants. So what I wanna chat about, I guess, is cash flow, and in particular, interest rates, and where they’re likely to go. I mean, we have had the lowest interest rates ever in the history of the world, I think, to be fair. Probably not the history of the […]

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The North and South Divide in the UK

Video Transcription: Hi, guys. Brett’s property rant. I was just reading an article about the north-south divide in the UK, between the southern counties, London and the southern counties, and the northern counties. Just talking about how that’s changing now. Now Wales actually kinda doesn’t include it. That pattern is changing. I think, to be fair, […]

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Section 21 Why You Can Keep Using It… For Now

So the government announced this reform, of itself it’s nothing dramatic as long as they do a much better job on the Court Reform and the Section 8 strengthening. The problem we know is that the government is inept at reform so it’s likely to have further negative effects on the market. Follow and subscribe to all […]

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What landlords need to do about Section 21 ban

Not very often do I get mad about things but this has set me off. Theresa May has gone too far with this. As landlords, we need to band together and become one voice. Anyway watch the video and I will update you about how we can fight back. Video Transcription: Hey guys, Brett’s Property Rants. Today, yeah pissed […]

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Bullsh*t it takes 10.3 years to save a property deposit

I read an article saying it takes 10 years and 3 months to save a deposit as a first home buyer in the UK and I imagine there are the same stories running in other countries as well. BS…besides the government schemes which help first home buyers the article ignores the power of goal setting. Once […]

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Why we will get a Brexit deal!

Video Transcription:  Hey, you all. So, I just want a bit of rant about Brexit, and specifically about Brexit, about why I think we’ll actually get ideal through, okay. And, I do think and will say this, it will be the last minute, you know, twelfth-hour deal come through. But the reality is, nonetheless, it will […]

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How Hospitals Impact Your Property Investment?

Video Transcription:  Hey guys. So, I wanna talk about hospitals, okay. How do they impact the fundamentals of a property investment? And I have to say, I’ve always loved hospitals and I’ve always loved water, okay? Water most definitely is probably my most favourable thing because it’s very hard to create more water, whether that be […]

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Should you buy property in Suburbs or Cities?

Video Transcription:  So, hey guys. Should you buy in the suburbs or cities? You know, so it’s a really good question actually because I think one of the key things here, and the answer to this is quite simply, it’s about fundamentals, okay? In fact, all investments should start with fundamentals. I mean, I think far […]

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How Parks and Open Spaces Affect Your Property Investment?

Video Transcription:  Hey guys. So how do parks and open spaces affect the fundamentals of your property? And I think I don’t talk about this enough because actually, I find now that the whole concept or the way things are going is that we’re getting smaller and smaller houses, Mickey Mouse houses. You know, they call […]

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