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UK Property Investor

Landlord responsibilities do you really understand them?

Video Transcription: Hi guys, so I had a great question on YouTube and basically it comes out of the interview with Jim Kirby, who is one of our investors and mates for over 15 years we’ve known him and he’s become a good friend over that time, and it’s amazing what he’s achieved and now he’s […]

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UK Property Investment

Does my stuff work with DIY and Done for you

Video Transcription: Hey guys, so does my stuff work with landlords who want it done for you and also the do it yourself landlords and the answer is 100%. See, these principles that I talk about and everything that we talk about here in Property Rants is all about or all based in fundamental principles. They […]

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Property Investment

Property Gurus claim that Property is quick, easy and simple to make a million

Video Transcription: Property is quick, easy and simple to make a million. Absolutely 100% this is the thought of almost every property guru that sells education courses and sells how-to and all this sort of stuff. And to be fair, it’s absolute bull shit. And look, here are my thoughts on this. Look, guys, property gurus […]

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UK Property Investors

Are BTL Investors pulling out due to tax changes

Video Transcription: Hey guys, I saw a Guardian report and the Guardian report said that buy-to-let people are pulling out in their droves and the tax changes have really bitten now and people are moving away from, they’re not buying or not letting their properties anymore. And I sort of thought about it, and I thought […]

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Insurance on Property

Is Rent and Legal Insurance Required on your property?

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So is rent and legal insurance required on your property? Now the short answer is no, it’s not. Okay? But is it something that you should do? And I would say most definitely these days. Now you can look at the property yourself, but for around… I mean look, you can get […]

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Property Investor

Coronavirus and its effect on Property Investors

Video Transcription: So there’s lots of stuff like that, but how does it affect property investors? Now, I’m not going to go through the whole details of Corona. I’m sure you’ve heard it on the news and all that sort of stuff. My concern is this: China is the world’s manufacturing belt right now. Now, sure, […]

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UK Property Market

How Tesla Has Predicted The Future Of The Property Market

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So how Tesla has predicted the future of the property market. Now, I went the other day and I went for a ride in one of my mates Tesla’s in Australia. And although he didn’t have the … He just had the base model, base everything, Because when he did the research, […]

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UK Property Investment

Can The UK Beat Off The Upcoming Global Recession!

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So can the UK beat off the global recession that’s coming at some point in the future? I mean, I’m saying I think it’s probably May, June 2021 after Trump loses interest, wins a second term. I just don’t think he’s going to be beaten. I think there’s too many people that […]

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Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income In The UK…Will It Work?

Video Transcription: Hey guys, so universal basic income in the U.K. Will it work? It’s an interesting topic. It’s becoming quite topical now because one of the presidential democratic presidential guys, Andrew Yang in the U.S. has raised this as a possibility and one of his platforms that he’s working from. I think the interesting thing […]

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