YPC Group's charitable arm - YPC Giving

 Since 2009 we're raised over £100,000 for various charities. 

The team organise a monthly events to raise money for charity and we encourage the our clients to join in the fun and community whilst contributing to the greater good. 
Over the past decade we have contirbuted to the following charities/events (not the full list):
Vertical Rush - Running up London's tallest building, Ladies walk for cancer, parachuting for fire fighters, Abseil down a London building, Movember - Mens prostate cancer event, 

How we choose our Charities

The team are free to suggest charities they are passionate about, other team members can choose to take part or suggest.

We are non-religious and non country specific although tend to support in those communities we are involved in. 

  • Childrens, Empowerment,  charities
  • Charities with events attached to them. 
  • One off contributions as opposed to regular contributions.

Kiran and Brett are currently working on a new website that is called the 30 day charity challenge which is where you donate every day for 30 days to different charities with a focus on getting a broad view of the good work going on in society whilst changing the way you think about contributing.