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The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!

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All The Signs Say We Got Through It! Things are looking up and cross fingers its almost a surreal feeling that things aren't that bad... Let's see what the next few weeks bring.

The Smart Money is here! That means the deals will start coming soon. But how can you get your piece of the pie?

Are there Property Deals about right now? Is it time to jump back in? or should you wait for the Institutional and herd investors?

Avoid the Media at all costs as they announce the RECESSION on 1st July 2020 - Ezytrac Landlords Update 03Jun20

What recession happened 300 years ago that make it suitable for the Bank of England to compare today's recession with 1709.                              

What a 300 Year Recession means for the UK and you personally. Is it really all that bad?   

Why the Property Market is functioning DAMN WELL!                                       

Where the property market  goes from here? My Personal Opinion for the next few years.

The 3 Stage of Opening International Travel Back Up!                                             

How the Market Backfired on these Tenants! and why it definitely should have.

Peace of Mind for Ezytrac Landlords With Vacant Properties - Landlord Update 16 May 2020                                    

The UK Property Market Opens for Business Again                                                     

Your First 3 Steps on the Road to Financial Success - Personal Finance Rant with Brett and Immanuel

Why Everything is OK... Really - Ezytrac Property Landlord Update 12 May

Latest changes in Electrical Safety Regulations for Landlords. How will it affect you?

How Do I Calculate the Impact of Losing My Job! 
Download the Excel Spreadsheet here

4 Models on How to Split Your Take Home Pay - Personal Finance Rant with Brett & Immanuel

Corporate Debt - Is this the Disguised Cause of this Recession? - CoronaVirus and Property Investors 27Apr2020

Calculate Interest Rate Rises On Your Property Portfolio
Download the Excel Spreadsheet here

Will Manufacturers Leave China In Droves? - CoronaVirus and Property Investors 24Apr2020

The quickest Way To Pay Down Your Debts - Personal Finance Rant with Brett & Immanuel

The Best Tool For Virus Data Visualisation is... - CoronaVirus and Property Investors 23Apr2020

Why A V Shaped Recovery Is Assured! - CoronaVirus and Property Investors 22Apr2020

How We deal with Tenants Who Don't Want To Pay - 13 April 2020 - Ezytrac Landlords Update

Why Tenants should go to and Claim their entitlements - 14 April 2020 - Tenants Update

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Why Tenants should go to and claim their entitlements before speaking to their agent or landlord.

We've now launched out new online platform to answer all the questions you need about your account, and record and monitor any maintenance issues. 

Check your email for the activation email and then download the App from the Appstore or Google Store today!

Rent Holidays do NOT mean free rent. You will still need to pay the rent even if you Landlord grants you time to pay or an addendum to your AST.

What constitutes an Urgent Maintenance Request in this time of lock down?

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