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Brett Alegre-Wood

Coventry Property Investment

"Coventry has been dubbed 'a buy-to-let landlords paradise' which sparked some interest at Gladfish. We have done some research to help you understand why this area is so popular.

You can spot the opportunity a mile off. This provides a real opportunity for investors to supply a real demand. Not of student housing, there’s plenty of people doing that already. You can supply higher quality properties for families and professionals who generally make better tenants and are likely to pay higher rents.

And the best news is Coventry averages the 6th highest yield in the UK for buy-to-let investors. Coventry property prices are low, returns are good and demand is high. With yields at 7.09% Coventry certainly has the edge over many other areas."

Brett Alegre-Wood
Coventry investor Borie



I've been reading your material on the web, end to end, at least once a month. Reason? Because as I grow in the business, the meanings of what you say in your material changes. They grow. They become more relevant. More importantly, as I practice the principles and follow the rules, I definitely see the benefit.

Coventry investor Jon


Cape Town

Though we were initially only looking at a single purchase, we have since increased this to 3, because the team make us feel very confident in what we, and they, are doing. We would recommend them to anyone.

Coventry investor Riley



Living in Singapore, I was not close enough to the London property market to understand the market sentiment. The Gladfish team were able to guide me through the whole process. I am now the proud owner of London property and look forward to working with them again on future investments.

Download your free copy of

Coventry Property Investment Guide

The 6th best buy-to-let hotspot in the UK for high rental yields
Coventry Property Investment Guide Cover

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  • Find out where Coventry ranks on Gladfish’s exclusive Property Investment Algorithm.
  • Access essential area information to find out if it’s the right location for your investment.
  • Read Brett Alegre-Wood’s expert analysis of the area’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover why Coventry is an ancient city popular with young professional tenants.