Investment news – How will the 2012 budget affect investors?

Investment News - Impact of the 2012 budget

If you haven't had time to read the 2012 budget, then watch this week's property news update to get my expert review.

It's important to stay clued-up on the budget every year, especially in regards to property investment in the UK and London market.

Watch this 8 minute video:

  • To learn how the 7% and 15% stamp duty charge will affect you when investing in UK and London property.
  • To find out my view on whether Greece will get pushed out of the euro or whether they should just opt out?
  • Finally... they've finally done it, I've been harping on since the start of the recession about the government introducing a programme for new build property for first-time buyers, discover if this is a good or bad thing for the UK property market.

*Also, we have a surprise guest appearance in this week's property news, (it's someone I hold close to my heart) so click play and don't miss out.

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