Investment News – London riots and their effect on your property

Rioting and property

Well what a homecoming to London after 3 beautiful weeks in Singapore!

You've no doubt been watching the news reports about the riots going on in various cities around the UK. It's appalling to watch and even more devastating to think that it's largely the youth and some disenfranchised groups.

Anyway my writing today has nothing to with the causes or blame for the riots; I actually wanted to talk about their effect on property prices and especially London.

In short, don't lose any sleep.

Firstly, what you are seeing is the media and news outlets at their very best.

They are sensationalising about the extent of the London riots. Yes, there are many high streets which are being attacked and no, you certainly don't want to be hanging around at night at the moment, but when it comes down to it, law and order will prevail and things will return to normal. Mark my words. In fact, as I write this the government has agreed to have 16,000 police on call which should stop the riots and return order again.

Property prices won't bat an eyelid. London house prices will still continue their slow, steady, upwards movement.

I am running a special economic update for my team on the latest movements in the world markets tomorrow and will post it by the middle of next week. Otherwise if you'd like some more info, call the team tomorrow and they can explain.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


UPDATE: Well – the 4th night seems to have passed without serious incidents or violence, so hopefully the worst is now over. Our sincere condolences to all who were affected by these 4 days of senseless violence.