Investors in Property – Current market and your pension fund

Investors in Property – Market conditions and pensions,

This week’s property investment news comes to you direct from my front yard! The weather has been too good for me to miss out on.

Today I’ll be explaining why basics like milk and bread getting cheaper ISN’T a true indicator of the current market and what what it really means for you. I’ll also decry pt the CBI’s prediction of a ‘slow and fragile’ recovery for the economy for you and explain what it really means for you.

Deflation, recession, pensions and you

Following on the current market I’ll update you on the £53 billion that pension investment funds have lost since I last reported on it in February this year – only 2 months ago!! It’s becoming rapidly plain that pensions just won’t be looking after you when you retire and you need to make a plan, NOW.

Finally, are you one of the four million home owners waiting for the market to bottom out? I’ll show you why you shouldn’t wait, or more specifically, why you can’t afford to wait. The faster prices drop the sooner they’ll go up and with 4 million other keen property investors rushing in the market, the competition will be fierce!


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Brett Alegre-Wood

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Brett has over 20 years experience in all facets of property, he owns various companies centred around property and is the driving force behind the education and training at Gladfish. His companies have sold over £850 million in UK and London property and he manages over 1200 properties through his estate agency chain. Today he shares his time between UK, Australia and Singapore. He is married to Arlene and together they have 4 kids.