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Now the UK Property Tax changes smoke has blown over... Where's the Opportunity?

[fa icon="calendar'] 05-Apr-2016 04:00:25 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

 Ignore the scaremongers, Find the Opportunity...

So all the smokescreen about investors running to finish their transactions before the stamp duty cut off has subsided and now we find that house prices have increased and my guess is more than just the effect of the stamp duty rush.

Why am I so confident?

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Buy-to-let property investors will face new affordability tests, Bank of England decides.

[fa icon="calendar'] 30-Mar-2016 10:03:43 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Don't be put off by the fear mongering, most investors will be unaffected.

In the continuance of the full blown battle against small landlords and property investors the Bank and England has released guidance for lenders of buy-to-let mortgages.

So instead of taking the rental into account they should now look at the actual costs of the investment and the individual investors situation including taxation on the property.

It’s said that if adopted, the new rules could reduce lending to landlords by up to 20% over the next three years.

However I am not so sure?
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How YPC Lettings performs better than local agents

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-Feb-2010 22:23:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

Have you thought about using YPC Lettings but think that you are better using a local agent? Do you think YPC Lettings is too far from your investment property and not able or equipped to manage your property?

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FSA's Mortgage Market Review: right track, wrong time

[fa icon="calendar'] 19-Oct-2009 23:35:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

mortgage-marketHey guys,

I have been spending the night reading through the 109 pages of the Mortgage Market Review. It's an interesting report that I feel is well and truly heading down the right track but at the well and truly wrong time.

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YPC Group news: videos that you will want to watch

[fa icon="calendar'] 10-Oct-2009 00:16:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

Speaking with one of our clients today they raised the fact that they didn't know about one of our educational sub-domains.

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YPC Group Week 1 of the Recovery Special

[fa icon="calendar'] 24-Feb-2009 20:35:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Welcome to the first week of my 5 Week Recovery Special where we'll be looking at what's being done and how (or if) it's working.

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New Video: Weekly Property Update - 11th Nov 2008

[fa icon="calendar'] 12-Nov-2008 02:47:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys, 

We are in the process of converting all of our education into downloadable audio/video so those of you that are up-to-date with technology can hear me anywhere and anytime. 

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Our first 3+1 Plan Workshop a huge success

[fa icon="calendar'] 22-Sep-2008 09:40:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

Well, it was an early start on Saturday for those that attended but from the feedback it was worth it.

The first workshop session was on the current market update, obviously with so much happening this was a massively beneficial and educational topic.

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South African Charity Golf Day

[fa icon="calendar'] 05-Sep-2008 22:44:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

We had a great day with the whole team at Foxhills Golf Course in Surrey. The weather held out until the 17th hole then it rained for about 2 hours before letting up for long enough to get some decent photos.

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YPC Group's new flexible working hours

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-Mar-2008 22:36:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

I am a big believer is personal empowerment especially when it comes to my team and our clients. I recently read a book called 'The 4 Hour Work Week' by Timothy Ferris. In the book, he describes the fundamentals of taking back your time and in the process taking back your life. He raises a lot of interesting points about the possibilities of changing small things that will give you a big change in your lifestyle.

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