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Trussell Trust foodbanks donation

[fa icon="calendar'] 04-Sep-2015 16:48:24 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

It's easy to forget that there are less fortunate people around us every day.  This month the YPC Team has decided to help the local community with donations of food that can help a person through the month. 

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Gladfish Charity for July: Battersea Dogs and Cats home

[fa icon="calendar'] 12-Aug-2015 15:50:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hi all,

Now the school holidays are here, many of us will have a few days to spend with the family and your beloved pet who is also part of the family.

People tend to think the Christmas is the busiest time for Battersea home, however they have already seen a 200% increase this years of the number of intake calls during the first week of the school holidays.

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YPC girls get Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research

[fa icon="calendar'] 11-Jun-2015 12:10:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood


Hey guys,

On Sunday 21st June the YPC girls will be getting down and dirty, swapping their stilettos for splattered trainers as they lather up for a mud bath of epic proportions.

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YPC Giving donates to The Ocean Cleanup Project

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-May-2015 13:49:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood


Hey guys,

My daughter Ahmani, and her school have been studying the effects of plastic on our oceans and as part of this they created this piece of art entitled 'The Ocean Cleanup' and to my delight Arlene and Ahmani bid at the silent auction and won.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital charity - YPC Group easter appeal

[fa icon="calendar'] 02-Apr-2015 15:01:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

With the Easter break approaching, many of us will have a few days to relax, spend time with those we love and hopefully reflect a little on what 2015 has brought us so far. At this time of year I know I have a lot to be thankful for, which is why it is important to spare a thought for the many vulnerable people out there going through hard times, for whom this Easter might not bring so much contentment.

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Special thanks from MOVEMBER

[fa icon="calendar'] 12-Dec-2012 14:58:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood


Hey guys,

I'm pretty chuffed to have received a special thanks card from the official Movember guys.

Last year me and my team at YPC altogether raised a total of £500!

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WOW - YPC has an original 2012 OLYMPIC torch!

[fa icon="calendar'] 01-Aug-2012 11:00:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

It's true! We actually have a 2012 Olympic Torch in our London office...

How and why? - I hear you ask.

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We're Kiva's 3rd biggest lender again!

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Jun-2012 13:40:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

YPC Group has been a proud and consistent high lender for Kiva since late 2009.

Since then we have loaned a staggering £12,423 with a total of 647 loans to entrepreneurs all over the world!

This month we are officially the 3rd biggest lender in Kiva's business category.

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YPC go football crazy!

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Jun-2012 15:00:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

The boys at YPC will be entering the Estate Agent Foundation (EAF) football tournament this Sunday 17th June 2012 at Wembley Goals.

The EAF combat the causes of homelessness and in doing so support charities such as St. Mungos, Shelter and Broadway. Homelessness is rife in the UK, over 3,500 people slept rough last year in London, this is half the number of rough sleepers in the whole of UK.

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YPC donates £5000 to adult illiteracy via the Peoples' Book Prize

[fa icon="calendar'] 01-Jun-2012 16:40:00 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

book with pages folded in shape of a heart

Hey guys,

It's now 3 years since my book 'The 3+1 Plan' won the non-fiction Peoples Book Prize so when I saw the opportunity to put to such a good cause I jumped upon it.

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