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Let our Ripple Effect Pentagon help you choose the best areas to invest!

Working with your dedicated property consultant, they will help you pick the area with the best fundamentals that you can afford (based on your Finances) and that will still allow you to sleep at night (based on your Emotions & Risk profile). That's where you should start.

As the market moves we'll adjust your strategy to move with it. This may mean moving around the pentagon as the ripple effect of property takes effect. Don't worry we'll give you plenty of time to adjust your strategy. 

What does Off Market mean?

The Gladfish Off Market approach introduces exclusive property investment opportunities to smart investors looking for capital growth as well as great yields on property investments.

These are typically not given to agents or are offered off market at exclusive prices below what the open market can access. Property developers allocate investment properties for our investors at better terms and preferential rates - to offer you the best property investments across the UK.