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How to Avoid Property Fraud, 
a Ponzi Scheme, Scam or Bad Business Model

Spot the 12 warning signs & avoid being a victim of property fraudsters


Ideal for property investors who are: worried about making the right investment choices, afraid of being defrauded or scammed and want to learn from the mistakes of other investors.

Written by Brett Alegre-Wood, winner of The People's Book Prize, this book shows you how to:

  • Spot the Dirty Dozen schemes!
  • Spot tell-tale signs of property fraud
  • Avoid the mistakes of past investors
  • Discover the 7 classic scams
  • Beat the fraudsters at their own game

After reading this book, you will feel more confident, know what investments to choose and which companies to work with. It'll also help you maximise your returns and minimise your risk. 

Plus you'll get free access to our Property investor academy, videos, books and advice from expert property consultants.

About the author

Brett Alegre-Wood
Brett has over 30 books on property investment. His experience spans the globe and has overseen over a billion pounds of property transactions.


Though we were initially only looking at a single purchase, we have since increased this to 3, because the team make us feel very confident in what we, and they, are doing. We would recommend YPC to anyone.

Jon & Mark, Wales