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Employers could boost off-plan property investment profits in Leeds

[fa icon="calendar'] August 8, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

New build property in Leeds should be in high demand like workers are

There are many great reasons to invest in off plan property in Leeds. You’ll find some of the UK’s best property investments here.

It is home to some of the best retail in the UK. The Leeds City Region secured a £1 billion Growth Deal with the central government in 2014. It provides the finance to deliver ambitious growth and the West Yorkshire Transport Fund. Additionally, more than £350 million of public and private investment will help to boost regeneration, growth, and jobs. Billions more of investment money has already been committed to Leeds.

Leeds hosts a higher education population of more than 200,000. Its residents benefit from some of the best schools in the UK, and a large percentage of schools that are rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

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Investment Education – Ways to invest in UK property investment opportunities

[fa icon="calendar'] February 7, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Investment Education – Is direct property investment best for you?

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked during the last few months is whether owning properties directly is still the best way to profit from UK property investment opportunities. Mostly, the question has been prompted by the changes to the tax regime and how mortgage interest tax relief is changing.

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Investment opportunities - is it always realistic to have a positive cashflow

[fa icon="calendar'] August 22, 2011 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Investment Opportunities - Cash flow and investment

It's a great idea, and I'm all for going for cash flow positive when it's doable and realistic, but it all depends on where the market is currently.

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Property Investment Opportunities - Which are real and which are fake?

[fa icon="calendar'] January 28, 2011 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property Investment Opportunities - Real of Fake?

Remember my blog about how to make the YPC team laugh out loud? (The subject was a property investment scam doing the rounds.)

Very often clients ask us our opinion of these type of deals and we always try to help them understand why the deals are too good to be true.

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Property Experts How to make the Gladfish team pause

[fa icon="calendar'] August 15, 2010 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property Experts - We're rarely speachless but . . . 

The other day I received an email about a 'fantastic' investment in which you pay £1000 upfront and £100 per month, and you are guaranteed to make over 15% per annum. It's guaranteed.

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Investment opportunities - below market value property strategy: Portfolio B

[fa icon="calendar'] January 25, 2009 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Investment opportunities - how to get the most from BMV property

It's a fact of all investment opportunities that sometimes prices will go down. I've personally seen it in my own portfolio and if you're honest you'll have seen it in your own portfolios as well. The important thing is that we are realistic and take decisive action - even if this action is to sit and wait until the market returns.

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