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Property Investment Blog – The cost of hiring the wrong professionals and getting bad advice

[fa icon="calendar'] January 18, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property Investment Blog – Do due diligence on your property partners

Buy-to-let residential investment property had never figured in Zelda’s plans until she realised how her cash savings were no longer performing. After taking into account rising prices, the cash in her account was losing its value. This article tells how hiring the wrong property professionals cost Zelda a small fortune, despite investing in a great property.

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Property experts - embarassing predictions, UK experts who got it wrong

[fa icon="calendar'] December 17, 2015 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property experts - apologies to anyone working at the firms I’m highlighting, but you bring it on yourselves.

The companies below are considered some of the most reliable property experts in the UK. 

Making expert predictions is a fool’s game. It’s not that the hundreds of  people  employed  at  these  firms  are  fools,  it’s  just  that  they  don’t  get  not  to  make predictions. In some cases, as you’ll see shortly, the predictions were so far out that they could have been pulled out of a hat from a bunch of hastily written guesses.

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Property Experts - Why we follow when we shouldn't

[fa icon="calendar'] November 26, 2015 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property experts - Humans are conditioned to blindly follow

They know more than us, so they must be right. Right? There no property expert myth

In his book Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us, David Freedman calls this the ‘Wizard of Oz effect'. We’re taught from cradle to grave to respect the opinions of others (which I’m not suggesting is wrong) and that someone else always knows best.

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Property Experts - The Myth

[fa icon="calendar'] March 27, 2015 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

The myth of property experts

In this video, Brett explains the dangers in listening to property experts or gurus. Hype and BS are the enemy of all good investors and it's important that you are able to see through this and be very careful about who you listen to.

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