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Is property still the best investment?

[fa icon="calendar'] October 17, 2018 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Where are London property prices heading now?

In the UK, property investment is seen as the preferred route to wealth by most people. Even those who aren’t investing (home buyers) gauge their wealth by how much their house has increased in value. It’s the largest expenditure the majority of people make, and offers many benefits to investors. These include seven reasons why investing in property beats all other investments:

  1. You’re in control of your investment while others do the work
  2. Rental income is better than stock dividends (and paid monthly)
  3. The history of capital gains is stronger than even stocks in the long term
  4. It’s a tangible asset – something real to leave the kids when you die
  5. The government provides ways to reduce your income tax bill by claiming deductibles
  6. Leverage powers your property investment return – you use other people’s money to make money
  7. With the right investment education, property investment in the UK is easy to understand

However, even given this unique set of benefits of investing in property, when prices have increased by as much as they have in the last few years and then start to cool down, you’ll want to know if property is still the best investment in the today.

In this article I’ll look at how London property prices are currently performing, the reasons why they are moving the way they are, and whether property is still the best investment.

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Investment Education – Why high-rise glut is no headache for property investors

[fa icon="calendar'] March 3, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Investment Education – Population growth is a key driver of property investment potential

Visit any city in the UK, and you will see there is a consistent property investment theme. UK cities are getting taller. Skyscraper towers in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham are changing the skyline and adding thousands of apartments. These towers are being built in clusters.

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Is London still worth investing in with Ryan Rahnavard - Property Rant 012

[fa icon="calendar'] January 25, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Questions have been raised over the last few years about London and whether its still a place for investment... well my take is always 'London will surprise you'. 

Ryan Rahnavard, Associate Director at Gladfish explains his take on London's investment potential. 

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Why a Professional tenant is not what you want! | Property Rant 007

[fa icon="calendar'] January 11, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

You hear them say "... and it will attract a professional tenant." What a load of rubbish, your agent or you don't pick the property, the tenant does...

But the industry perpetuates this BS and hype about professional tenants. What you really want is covered on the video.

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Shares Up! How to ensure properties up in 2017! |Property Rant 005

[fa icon="calendar'] January 9, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Shares were up at the end of 2016, normally that spells the death nail for property... or does it? Brett explains why it can still be a great year for property investors despite the doomsayers stealing headlines. More importantly he explains how to make 2017 great. 

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How to ignore interest rates in 2017! | Property Rant 002

[fa icon="calendar'] January 3, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

2017 is the year where experts are predicting interest rates will begin to rise, but do they have to affect your portfolio. Here's 3 simple steps to making sure you are interest rate proof in your portfolio. 

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Investment News – Landlord confidence rises as house price growth inflates

[fa icon="calendar'] December 19, 2016 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Investment News – Keeping you in the loop with the latest property investment headlines

Property investment news provides the up-to-date information that helps you keep your portfolio profitable and your strategy on point. We bring you regular updates of the property market news that has caught our eye, and that we think you need to know.

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Property Investment News – Autumn Statement 2016 Comment

[fa icon="calendar'] November 24, 2016 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Why the 2016 Autumn Statement is good news for property investment.

The Autumn Statement – the first and last by Chancellor Philip Hammond – has been called a  “bombshell for property investors” by some industry commentators because of a  “crackdown on letting fees”. Such headlines strike fear into property investors, but are you right to be afraid?
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Property Investment Guide – Good news: house prices unlikely to collapse in 2017

[fa icon="calendar'] November 24, 2016 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property Investment Guide – What’s in store for property investors in 2017 and beyond

A short while ago I asked the question “Is off-plan property a good investment in 2017?” In the two articles that tackled that subject, you’d have discovered how the pessimistic analysts (and that was most of them) based their snap forecasts of a collapsing UK property market on the Brexit effect. That fact, they told us, would lead to swift and sharp economic collapse in the UK.

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Investment guide - Hotel Room Investment for investors who want yield

[fa icon="calendar'] September 13, 2016 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Investment guide - Hassle free high yield investing 

We're huge fans of property investing and giving property investors the education and information they need to make informed investment decisions. In today’s world, it can be hard to find an investment that pays a decent return. Twenty or thirty years ago, as your financial advisor was encouraging you to think about investing for your retirement, pension plans promised a future of high yield investments and capital growth that would sustain your lifestyle in your golden years. Now that dream has become a nightmare.

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