Property Investment News: Could the recession end by September 2009?

Property Investment News

My question in this week's property investment news is… could this be the end of the technical recession? Find out what this means to you as a property investor.

Again there are tons of headlines on government income and expenditure. We look at how income is falling while public borrowing is rising. Are we going to be in debt for years? How is the government going to pull us out of this?

Don't be fooled by falling property prices and think we are in the double dipper. This is just a natural dip while house purchase is on hold during the summer months. I don't think there will be a scramble for houses in the final quarter but there'll definitely be a pick up.

Finally, I've been looking at foreign borrowing for a while. See how you can benefit from foreign money and their lower interest rates.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood