Property Investment News – Don’t let Grant Shapps or the FSA affect your property

Property Investment News – rising rent and ‘safer’ mortgages

This week’s UK property news is brought to you from the beautiful rural city Sunbury, home of the Ashes in Australia.

First piece of news to share is rising rents. All property investors should have the good sense to push rents up now as lending is down. If you need further advice on this, the team would love to help so give them a call on the number just below.

Recent news on “safer” mortgage lending pushed by the FSA will create a two-tier society. If the FSA get their way, it is certain that you will struggle as a 1st time property investor. Learn more about this in the video.

In other news, Grant Shapps, Housing Minister, claims that middle class people shouldn’t expect property to be their pension. Find out how listening to Grant will jeopardise every property you have ever worked hard for.

Also reported and the most talked about headline this week is the increase in house prices. To learn more and understand how not to get affected by all this week’s headlines, watch this week’s property investment news and sit tight for the “Austerity measure special” next week.

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