Property Investment News – Quantitative easing slows as economy improves

This week…

Lots of positive data came out this week, not just from the property experts but from various government departments.

We take a look at unemployment and why you shouldn't fear any impact the figures may have on your property investments.

We see quantitative easing slowed down as economy improves and the bank is no longer sloughing billions in to simulate the market. Plans are in place to reduce spending from £25 billion a month to a total of £50 Billion in 3 months. We'll keep a close eye on this.

We'll tell you why you should ignore articles on recessions and concentrate on inflation figures and interest rates. Inflation is predicted to stay below 2% for the next 2 years. For us, this means interest rate will do the same and stay low for the next 2 years.

Ending this week with a good note and a complaint: RICS predicts house prices in the final quarter of 2009 to be much better than the same quarter in 2008. The housing market is definitely stabilizing and we'll soon see better mortgage products and increase in sales. And why I think energy certificates are a waste of time; who really looks at them?

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