Property Investment News – why you should ignore the headlines until October 22nd

Property Investment News – Just wait till October 22nd

The property investment news has been up and down like a yo-yo recently with double-dip debates, leaving property investors largely clueless with what decisions to make. In today's video, I'll take a look at some headlines that'll help you keep your head on your shoulders until at least October 22nd.

Firstly, some large corporates are announcing big profits – a great indication of recovery of capacity in the economy, which is helping to ease double dip fears. Even better, unemployment rates are falling and a current monetary committee policy member has explained why it should continue to fall.

Another piece of interesting investment news – apparently the UK has the worst value mortgages in the entire world — something I fully agree with. Take a look at the details in the video and your blood will boil as mine did! Also this week we'll learn why mortgage brokers are still very necessary in today's mortgage market.

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Brett Alegre-Wood