Property Investment – Unique curated property opportunities – Property Rant 011

Gladfish is a new take on an already proven property investment business. We've expanded our offering beyond New Build and Off Plan property investment in the UK to include established UK hotels, Australian House & Land property, Spanish Holiday property as well as helping UK and Aussie developers fund their developments.

Over the course of 2017, we'll be expanding the offering further to include a directory of all new build developments across the UK.

David Lines, our Director of Property explains the changes.

Video Transcription :

Brett: Hi, guys. This is Property Rant. I'm Brett Alegre-Wood. I'm here with David. David is our Director of New Homes, so he runs all our property consultants, basically. He's in charge of that side of the business. And I probably, like this just talk to David, just ask him... We've re-branded to Gladfish, so that's all pretty much gone through now.

David: Yeah.

Brett: And it's all happening. What's the difference? What's your take on the differences between...? Yeah.

David: We're making some big changes within Gladfish going forward now as a business. You'll still see if you look on our website, we're still doing what we've done for many years, very successfully as well, which is new build off plan. But we're going to be moving forward with new releases coming onto our clients as well, over the coming months and years. And the first thing we brought to market is our hotel room sales. We've got a great uptake on the hotel rooms. We got launches coming up very regularly on that. But that's just going to be the start of a controlled release we've got coming out from Gladfish in the future. Very exciting times, Brett.

Brett: Yeah. Yeah. So we've got a whole range of different things in the pipeline. Rather than just dump them all out, we're making sure that the property consultants know what they're talking about. We've got all the education literature to talk about it.

David: Absolutely.

Brett: All that sort of stuff. And then obviously, we're in the background, and I'm building a platform, which means you'll be able to see those opportunities online. Look at them, as well as talk to the team who can help you.

David: Yeah.

Brett: That's really...we're adding new stuff. So, it's all still property-based, but it's a bit of an extension of what was the norm which was there, which we're still doing that. That's the bread and butter. I mean, that's my passion really. The hotels, which is the first thing we launched. We've got Spanish property, we've got Australian property. They're already in the pipeline, ready to go, or almost ready to go. So expect them in the next few months.

David: But it's really important that our clients keep looking at our website. Come back to our website as often as you can to see all the changes there are going to be. But don't expect too much too soon. We want to make sure, as Brett said, it's a controlled release that we have to our client.

Brett: Yeah. I think the important thing too, is if you're really keen, just get on and speak with the guys. Speak with one of the property consultants, one of David's team. Because when you do that, they can give you all the full range. A lot of the developments we've got we can't actually show you online because the developers don't want that released. So that's the off-market element of what we do. And that's still there. We're not changing that. That's one of our unique propositions to property developers which benefits you guys.

David: Yeah. And do you know what? Even come into our office. We love to see our clients. The people who come into our office, they see the set up we've got. And they like it. When they touch our business and touch one of our consultants, they...

Brett: Not in a bad way.

David: Yeah. In a good way, obviously.

Brett: All right. See you, mate. Take care.

David: Thanks.

Brett: Okay guys, have a great day. Live with passion.