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Rant: verb, one who speaks or shouts at length in an impassioned way.

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Latest Articles

Cashflow and Interest Rates… where they're likely to go?
Video Transcription: Hey guys. So Bretts Property Rants. So what I wanna chat about, I guess, is cash flow, and[...]
The North and South Divide in the UK
Video Transcription: Hi, guys. Brett's property rant. I was just reading an article about the north-south divide in the UK,[...]
Property News – Brexit Update
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Section 21 Why You Can Keep Using It… For Now
So the government announced this reform, of itself it's nothing dramatic as long as they do a much better job[...]
What landlords need to do about Section 21 ban
Not very often do I get mad about things but this has set me off. Theresa May has gone too[...]
Bullsh*t it takes 10.3 years to save a property deposit
I read an article saying it takes 10 years and 3 months to save a deposit as a first home[...]

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