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Kids stop you from doing some things, investing in property is NOT the one...

The definitive guide for property investors buying off-plan and new build property in the UK. Learn about the off-plan property market, expand your property portfolio whilst minimising risk with time-proven strategies. This book offers an insiders view of new build in the UK over the past 20 years.

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We use our Ripple Effect Pentagon to choose the areas to invest. We them call on our over 200 top national, regional and local developers and agents who use Gladfish as their first point of call to find you the best investments available.

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Since 2004, we've DONE it all FOR YOU, researching, negotiating, sales progression including mortgages & conveyance, letting and management.

Our whole philosophy is Set and Forget making property investment as easy as possible. Starting out or expanding your portfolio we have the simple approach, proven strategies and decades of expertise.

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sold Over

£1 Billion

London & UK Property



investors from 27 countries

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Profiting from New Build Property in the UK

How To Profit From and Avoid The Pitfalls Of Building A New Build Property Portfolio.

The UK market has a massive shortage of property. Property developers need to build over 250,000 new build properties per year. To fund these, UK developers need property investors to invest in off-plan property to help them finance their build.

  • Two laws of investment property and how it relates to new build and off-plan.
  • Why I don't believe in hotspots, and you shouldn't either.
  • Property investment companies.
  • Off plan property as an investment.
  • Why regeneration almost guarantees price increases. When to get in and when to get out!
  • Negotiating prices with developers.

Find out why most property investors never succeed at building a successful property portfolio.

Find out why property investment is the most effective way to secure your financial future, plan for your retirement and live the life you want.

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