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Building Property Portfolio

How the over 60s can still build a thriving property portfolio

You're never too old to build a portfolio

I've had a heap of questions about getting a mortgage as you get older, it seems that we have a whole generation of baby boomers who are waking up to the nightmare that is an underfunded retirement. It's unfortunate but I've been saying it for years and now more people over 60 are signing up every week. Read More
Building Property Portfolio

How quickly should an investor build their property portfolio?

Healthy growth or overreaching?

We've started doing regular webinars for both beginner and experienced investors, and because we only have 1 hour per live event, it's impossible to answer all the questions that get asked. This is why I've decided to record video answers to the common ones -- and here's the first, great question that I had from Bernard Willis: "Brett - How quickly should an investor build their property investment portfolio" Read More
Building Property Portfolio

Property Investment News – Gladfish client Chris who built a portfolio of 8 properties

The journey of a property investor

In this investment news update you will meet Chris. He's been a client of Gladfish's for just under a year. He's built an impressive, thriving portfolio of 8 properties in just under a year and we asked him to step on camera to talk to Brett about his incredible and inspirational journey. He'll take you on his journey of success, from discovering us online, meeting Simon (portfolio manager) and his "crayons strategy" right through to experiencing the 24 hour sleep test and completing and letting his first property. Read More
Building Property Portfolio

Building up your cash balances for your property portfolio

I have always found the most overlooked concept in property investment is the fact that property moves in largely predefined and perfectly predictable cycles. I call it the property cycle, and everyone should seek investment education on it! When you start out as a property investor this is often overlooked because so many other things are going on and you can be forgiven for this. In fact I specifically designed our 1,2 STOP Strategy to focus you on what's important during your first couple of properties and the property cycle isn't that important at this stage, building your base level of education and emotional intelligence is. Read More
Building Property Portfolio

Don’t lock in long term if you want to build a property portfolio…

Don't lock down your portfolio

There is a huge amount of talk about inflation and the fact that interest rates need to rise. I have no problems with this. As a property investor this is an indication that property prices will rise and our relative debt against our existing assets will decrease. This does however pose an interesting question. If interest rates are going to rise, shouldn't you lock in the rates now? Read More