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Why it pays to make time to become a buy-to-let property investor

Time is a precious commodity – use it wisely

Modern life is a non-stop rush hour. With the pressure of family, rising bills, and a job that seems to demand more from you every day, you have precious little time to spend on planning and investing in your future. Not doing so could have dire consequences. You could reach retirement age and find that you don’t have the income to do those things you’d promised yourself.  Or, to do so, you have to continue working. We all know plenty of people who have retired poorer than they thought they would. With UK state pensions depreciating in value every year, you wouldn’t be surprised to find them abolished altogether by the time you and I are due to retire. In fact, since 1980, the state pension has collapsed from 26% of average earnings to less than 18%. In this post, you’ll meet Mark and John. Their stories demonstrate how important it is to make the time to invest now so that you have the money to do what you want tomorrow. Read More

Buy-to-let financing gets cheaper in the UK

Cheaper buy-to-let mortgages equal better cash flow and bigger profits

Property investors who worry about cash flow have received another boost recently. In an already competitive buy-to-let mortgage market, Leeds Building Society has announced a refreshed 70% loan-to-value range. It claims its new two-year fixed rate deal is the lowest on the buy-to-let market. It could signal a price war, with other lenders cutting rates to attract buy-to-let financing business. Great news for property investors. Read More
Buy To Let Property Investment

Savvy buy-to-let investors make sure they invest in landlord insurance

The essential low-cost risk mitigation strategy

When it comes to buy-to-let property, giving someone the run of your property can be daunting. I mean, you don’t even trust your best mate to drive your car. How are you expected to trust people you may never have met to take proper care of your investment property? You know, that box that makes you money and cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds? Read More

Should you furnish your BTL property?

The pros and cons of furnishing a property to rent

An investment property should be your ticket to a better life. It gives you this by providing the cash flow to pay for the things you want to do. If you hire a good investment property manager to do all the day-to-day work for you, you’ll have the time to do those things, too. The question to answer is how to maximise your rental income profits. Read More
Buy To Let Profits

Squeeze on buy-to-let profits appears to be ending

House prices and rents are growing

The latest property news reads well for investors. Property price growth has stabilised, as have average rental yields, while rental prices are rising. No one is now forecasting a Brexit-induced crash in property price. The news flow indicates that the squeeze on buy-to-let profits may be coming to an end. Read More
Why buy-to-let investment gives you control over your pension

Why buy-to-let investment gives you control over your pension

How to have the retirement lifestyle you desire

Are you frustrated by your pension fund performance? Some years it does well, other years it loses money. Every year you pay fees and commissions, whether it wins, loses or draws. If you invest in a pension fund which invests in the stock market, investment funds or bonds and you feel frustrated, you’re suffering from a lack of control over your financial objectives. Read More