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It's the 'Rich Dad-Poor Dad, Richest Man in Babylon, Think & Growth Rich' of Property Books rolled into one.

The 3+1 Plan shows Busy property investors the timeless foundational knowledge You need to make Principles, Process, strategy, structure and cash flow Simple. 

Starting out there are so many time-stealing ideas, sales pitches, overly complicated strategies to make money. This book breaks down to the simplest fundamentals distilled over 25+ years Brett & his mentors careers in property. 

Each chapter builds your knowledge and certainty on the topics that are overlooked by most sales driving estate agents and property companies. 

Avoid the pitfalls, embrace proven timeless principles, processes, strategies and structures and begin your path to becoming a numbers investor. 

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Foundational 'must read' knowledge in the same vain as Robert & Napolean's books

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Think and Grow Rich

Looking for the one resource that's going to set your property portfolio up and get you started and give you the foundational knowledge in the same way that "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," or "Think And Grow Rich" did in the finance & self development fields.

Well, the "3 + 1 Plan" book is for you.

It's gonna show you how JUST 4 PROPERTIES can get you started in property and actually give you the lifestyle, fund your kid's education, whatever it is you want to achieve, you don't need hundreds of properties.

Whatever your goals, whatever your plans this book will allow you to break down into the simplest of steps, the most fundamental knowledge, the most time proven and broadly applicable wisdom. Easily digestible and immediately implementable. 

What's Covered In The 3+1 Plan

Firstly we'll cover the 3+1 Plan in detail so you can see exactly how it works and why it is such a simple goal to aim for.

Second, the most important concept, philosophy to avoiding becoming a stressed out overworked landlord rather than a wealthy investor: Set and Forget. Simply you don't want to create another job, you don't wanna become a full-time property Landlord.  

You've probably already got a career, whatever you're doing with your life, stick to that and we'll teach you how to do property right. Whatever the strategy or path, set and forget must be an integral part or your time will be spent stressing the details.

You wanna look at capital and how to actually create it, how to use it, how to leverage it, okay?

And the risks that are associated with that.

We're gonna look at cashflow, these two fundamental principles.

We're then going to go on to strategy and the property market and the cycles that it goes through, and how to use them to your advantage.

We're going to look at all the processes, procedures, structures, strategies, all the bits and pieces that you need to know about property.

Time Tested And Proven Knowledge... Whatever Strategy your Choose

All that is time tested and proven, it's stuff that I learned from my mentors and they from theirs.

This is the one book that you need to read before you get started in property. Or even if you've come to a point where you don't know where to go from here. This is the book for you!

So click the link, put your details in and download it now and get it straight through on your email. 

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Chapters Covered:

  • Why The 3+1 Plan works
    learn the simple math that proves how just 4 properties can set up and fund your retirement, lifestyle and legacy.
  • Set and Forget Strategy
    Set up your property and portfolio to forget it on a day-to-day basis without creating a second job or career.
  • How to Raise Capital
    Save it, Refinance it, create it out of thin air, we look at all the ways to safely create and manage capital.
  • Watch and Manage Cash Flow
    Why cash flow is always more important than capital until you want to build.
  • Which Strategy is Best
    Of the 1000s of available strategies which should you choose and more importantly what are the risks and benefits of each option.
  • Using the Property Trend Cycle
    Your very own crystal ball to the future, make decision that are aligned with the market.
  • Make more money from your portfolio
    Three Strategies that will further enhance your portfolio and give you more options.
  • Getting Help, Building A Team
    You're not going to do it alone, picking the best partners to save your time.
  • What to do as your portfolio develops
    Dial in the money marking, inflation beating machine using these simple concepts.
  • Set and Forget Checklist
    Who doesn't love a good checklist to help to make it real. Reclaim your time and replicate results using this simple checklist.
  • Setting the Goal, The One Big Thing
    Start your new life with one great goal.

Information Overload?
This book will give you the framework with which to know which content to consume, which deals to consider and where to spend your time.


So I think the key here is, the book content is great. but you've also got all the website content. And in fact, you probably have got access to too much information out there.

What I aim to do in this book is give you clarity and confidence by framing the knowledge.

Finding Your One Great Property Idea!
Thats' right one idea and 4 properties is all you need to be successful in property.

And that's one of the reasons why I talk about the one great property idea is because we want to sort of really focus you and filter out all the other stuff.

We're going to build a really good relationship and you're going to see that the key to success is not actually the content.

It's the implementation it's actually taking action. You know, you've heard this from success coaches. You've heard it from all sorts of people, But it is absolutely correct.

So you want to consume that book 100% as soon as you can.

Clarity & Confidence to Move forward whatever your portfolio or strategy.

So the first step is the book but our support doesn't end there. You know, come back with questions, ask us lots of questions, get clarity. Cause that's, that's really the first step.

Once you've got clarity, then we can look about taking action and putting an implementation plan in place.

And we've got all the resources we got all we, you know, from step by step, by step, to get you a successful portfolio.

Overcoming the 'No-Time' excuse Using Set & Forget Strategy.

And I think that's the key of what we offer. And more importantly, I think is in such a way that you don't have to create a second job. It doesn't have to consume your life.

Okay. So I think that's one of the key things. If you follow these certain things, how we say to do them, actually property investment can be a massively fulfilling, and massively rewarding experience, and it should be, you know, it shouldn't take away your life. It shouldn't be, you've got to spend weekends and nights concerned about it and putting your time into it. 

Implementation Doesn't have to be difficult
Simple Next Steps to Effortlessly Taking Action

There is easy ways to do it. Simple ways of doing it that are successful and are time proven and tested. And that's actually what we'll cover in the book, but that's also what will be an extension into when we help you get this implemented. And whether that be building a property, providing more education, getting you a plan. 

Whether that be one of, you know, attending one of our masterclasses or one of our workshops, or just answering all your questions, you know.

1000s of Strategies... choose Just 1.

It doesn't much matter the strategy that you choose because there's a thousand different strategies in property. It's more about finding that one that will work for you and then getting the rules that apply to that game and then implementing them and making this happen for you.

Because actually, I talk about the 3+1 plan, three properties, plus your own home. That's actually realisable, it's real. You can do this and it's a simple process all you need to do is start by reading the book.

Sit back enjoy the read, let us guide your journey into the wonderful world of property, without becoming a full time job or change of career (unless thats the intention then welcome onboard) 

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Becky Client

Has always been quick and responsive

I have worked alongside Helen for almost two years now, she is a delight to work with. Helen has always been quick and responsive when it comes to communication and admin work. Not only does Helen have a welcoming friendly and personality, she works hard to help others. I look forward to continue working alongside Helen, keep it up!

landlord_2019 Client

Always brings a positive attitude

Caroline has, as always, worked tirelessly to ensure that a recent property sale went through. She consistently nudges both parties, to make sure progress is being made and always brings a positive attitude. Im very grateful to you Caroline for working hard on my behalf to conclude this sale - thank you!


Keep everything simple

Our circumstances were a bit different. I am Australian and Mike is English, our ideal lifestyle is to spend time in both countries. Gladfish helped us to be aware of our needs and mapped out a plan that involved building a portfolio large enough for Mike to leave work. I am happy to say that we have achieved this. The best thing about working with Gladfish is that they keep everything very simple but at the same time does not deviate from the principles. Brett himself supports and educates you through the emotional and financial aspects of portfolio building. Through this certainty, we have been able to secure a portfolio of 9 properties.

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Profiting from Off-Plan Property Investment in London and Learn How To Achieve Financial Freedom With Just 4 Properties.

  • Chapters on Structure, Creating Equity, reading the Property cycle, new build & off-plan as an investment, negotiating prices and property investment companies.
  • Two laws of investment property and how it relates to new build and off-plan London property.
  • Why regeneration is almost a guarantee of price increasing and when to get into and out of it.
  • Why Brett don't believe in hotspots, and why you shouldn't either.

Find out why property investment is the most effective way to secure your financial future, plan for your retirement and live the life you want.

Find out why most property investors never succeed at building a successful property portfolio.

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