Welcome to our Vision

It started with a simple idea.

What if anyone could create wealth, fund their retirement and live the lifestyle they always aspired to by following a simple plan?

The 3+1 Plan was born. A plan that could change your world.

It was a plan based on the belief that anyone could build a property portfolio, in the process creating a pension worthy of retirement and a lifestyle affording the freedom and choices we all strive for.

Since the late 90’s this has been my vision: a simple idea that today has helped countless people to clear a path to a better life. I’ve always said Gladfish is a lifestyle business and the product we sell is property and it’s still true to this day.

It’s been a humbling experience to be part of the growth of the group since 2004. In 2017 we enter our thirteenth year in business; thirteen years on and we are positioned for expansion into a number of different markets & products. All the while changing more lives.

Hopefully, we can help you change yours... Why not join us?

Live with passion and fun,


Brett Alegre-Wood

Founder and Chairman

​Our Values (what we stand for)

  • We b​elieve a simple idea will change your world. Your home + 3 properties is all it takes.
  • We believe it doesn't matter whether you're young or old, rich or poor, client or team. ​Anyone can own property and anyone can build a portfolio.
  • We believe it's fear, naivety, lack of education, and emotional immaturity that stops us. Education overcomes all this, and we believe this education should be free.
  • We believe in today's world we ar​e all too busy making money to actually create wealth.
  • We believe you want someone you trust to help you at every step.
  • We believe that governments and big business cannot help you, that all pension plans are flawed and that the herd (society) mentality will take you off a cliff.
  • We believe your own actions are the solution to the problems you face.
  • We believe that acting alone the odds are against us; acting together we will triumph.
  • ​We believe you are not alone; there are countless others on the same journey tha​t want the same things as you.
  • We believe that wealth, success and happiness is all a journey. Ups and downs are both a part of the journey.
  • We believe that obstacles on the journey stop people. Having someone to guide your path and hold your hand is key.
  • We believe that the use of technology saves us time - time that should be spent on pursuing the things we love, our passions.
  • We believe that you want to face your fears; overcome the obstacles; become who you want to be; lead your family to freedom of lifestyle; live a life of wealth, success, happiness and ultimate fulfillment.
  • We believe that passionate people like you will change the world, change your world.
  • We believe that there is a way out of the rat race... a simple idea that will change your world.
  • We believe in hiring great people who want to make a difference and live with passion and fun.

Your home + 3 properties is all it takes to change your world

Our Management Team


Brett Alegre-Wood

Chairman and Founder

Hiring Now

Managing Director

Kameel Mohammed

Group Finance Director

Ritesh Patel

Director Of New Homes

Dan Varnaseri

Associate Director of New Homes

Ryan Rahnavard

Associate Director of New Homes

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