Bretts Property Rant Education Series

Beginners in Property Investment

How to make Developer Returns with Loan Notes.

Discover the Keys to this Highly Profitable Property Strategy

The funding environment has changed. Regulation & Banks have made it ever exceedingly harder to borrow from. This has opened up the crowdfunding space so Developers are now going direct to investors and paying them great rates of returns. It's not without its risks though.

This course is designed for beginners into the loan note journey. The rewards are high but the risks are ever present. 

In the course you will cover:

  • Lesson 1. Loan Note Introduction
  • Lesson 2. Benefits of Loan Notes
  • Lesson 3. Risks of Loan Notes
  • Lesson 4. How Loan Notes Work
  • Lesson 5. Stock Market vs Loan Notes
  • Lesson 6. Buy To Let Property vs Loan Notes
  • Lesson 7. Loan Note Examples & Products 

Your Trainer

You trainer, Property Expert, Brett Alegre-Wood has been responsible for the raising on over £20 million in Developer Loan Notes and over 25 years of experience in property.

He is author of over 25 books including Real Estate Crowdfunding - How to Research and Assess a Real Estate Crowdfunding Deal with avoiding the pitfalls.

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