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Creating an income in retirement through property is, I believe the first goal and focus on your attention.

Replacing your earned income with investments that will bring long-term sustainable income is the basis of wealth. Assets = Income as the wise old adage says. 

With your income secure in retirement (or at least you can see the light of day) you can begin to introduce changes in your lifestyle.

Really lifestyle is what this game is all about, be it in retirement or before retiring or even spending it on your kids (and aren't they expensive these days 🙂

If you have kids or plan to have kids that are definitely a big motivator. Yet contrary to what most of our clients think when they first chat with us, they are not the first and only focus for our portfolio building activities. The are looked after as a result of our activities.

This may seem counterintuitive but we truly believe that by building a portfolio you are setting a great example (teaching them to fish). So whilst we love this as a motivator we tend to firstly build for your pension, then lifestyle and in the process your kids will be looked after very well.  

Tell us about your motivation for building your portfolio. 

We'll then use this to really drive depth into the best way to build it safely, quicker and using all the principles you will learn while working with us. 


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