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How Property Investors With No Time Can Invest In New Build Property To Experience Quick Growth, Easy Rentals, Minimal Maintenance By Using the 3+1 ‘Regeneration’ Strategy Even In Today’s Market.

Property can be daunting... the time it takes... the relationships to nurture... the experience you need... as well as considering the current market and even choosing the perfect area, agent and property... then add the perfect mortgage, solicitor, furniture, letting agent. 

When I started out in property I was frustrated like every other investor I've met... I realised that it had nothing to do with my lack of time, it was firstly my fear, but mostly my approach. I’d mistakenly adopted the strategy of following the media into an already hot, hotspot, usually in my local area and doing it all with a total disregard for strategy and the market. 

My investment mood and strategy was determined by the latest newspaper article, more than my understanding of the principles that govern property. 

Brett Alegre-Wood - Property Author & Investor

I was an investor ‘hoping for’ more than ‘knowing with certainty', it repeatedly led me to make excuses and ultimately caused my inaction, I missed opportunities because I just didn’t have the certainty to jump.

This motivated me to find a better way to do property in any market. At the time I was already an average Estate Agent. This frustration led me to find the simple repeatable solution which New Build Property offered above all others. More than 25 years on and over £1Billion in sales this approach is proven... we handle everything… all the research, buying, negotiating, sales progression, letting, compliance and managing all without the huge time commitment, simply by becoming an investor's trusted advisor to oversee every step on a day-to-day basis. 

But that wasn’t enough…

Effortless Investing Starts With A Set & Forget Philosophy

We needed to make it effortless on the investors part, so this naturally led into my Set & Forget philosophy… or basically everything you do in property should be done in a way that you can set it up and forget about it on a day to day basis, leaving you time for the important things like career, family, and passions. This one concept when properly implemented freed up so much time sidestepping the trap that most investors find themselves caught up in of, more and more time stolen from them as their portfolio grows.

Your Time is precious, so as your portfolio grows you’ll need to adopt this Set & Forget philosophy so it doesn't become a second job. You need to stay an INVESTOR not a full-time LANDLORD. This is an important distinction that we will teach you and build into your portfolio as it grows.

Add in the UNIQUE ingredient... Massive Regeneration in the area.

Not one to sit around, we further refined our overriding property strategy by securing new build property in fast-growth REGENERATION areas. This takes a lot of detailed research to sort the actual sites from the potential sites... but my military background and even early years at McDonald's taught me that a systematic approach is the best approach

The successful formula we were creating meant that investors could not only continue their lives, unhindered by the size of their portfolio but they could grow & manage it with minimal maintenance as it was newly built and the regeneration meant above-average capital growth, increasing rents due to the area being redeveloped through things like shops, schools, transport, employment and investment… Basically it came down to Massively changing fundamentals.

Video: Brett's Regeneration Track Record (58seconds)

This simple Hack Guarantees the best prices...

The great thing is that the strategy works regardless of the current market conditions. You see most people only invest once the market is on the boil, or at least when the newspapers say it is (don’t get me started on that but we’ll cover it later) but we hacked the system. By going direct to developers and negotiating off market bulk deals we’re able to get better prices by assisting the developer when they most need it. It’s called off-plan and it’s a great way, in the right market, to control a property before it’s even completed, avoiding any tenancy worries but still being able to benefit from the uplift in values. Be there are rules to follow with this one. 

In some stages of the market, you can even secure a discounted off plan property and sell it at a higher price without even owning it, Seriously, it’s called Flipping, it’s a totally misunderstood and very often mis-sold strategy but when you know how to use it... it works a dream. 

Flipping in a new build property context is controlling a property long enough for it to go up in value and then selling it before you own it.

Most Agents will mistakenly, (or misleadingly) sell you on the all-round benefits of this. Well... we’ll explain the rules surrounding this strategy and why it's so often mis-sold by greedy sales agents and uneducated gurus. 

Are you falling foul of the 3 Biggest Myths (or Deceptions) of The Property Industry

But before you jump into the next investment you have to know about the 3 biggest myths that will steal your capital and leave your portfolio stalled. Avoid them at all costs. Thankfully with a bit of knowledge they are easily overcome.

  • Our industry will pitch you anything, every week a different deal and it’s always the best deal they’ve ever seen… I call BS. We’ll teach you the simple principle that will allow you to laugh in the face of this overused and antique sales tactic. 
  • Be careful of the property cash flow they present to you, it's full of lies, damned lies and misrepresentations. A 1 pager that supposedly gives you enough to make potentially one of the largest decisions of your life, but it won’t, it never does. To really know what you are getting into you’ll need to run through our 2-Year Cash Flow worksheet with every opportunity.
  • Finally, most agents will totally ignore the market, they’ll sell you a deal in isolation with disregard for the current market or how your strategy and area selection may need to change. Unfortunately, it’s a 'this-is-what-we-have, so-this-is-what-you-get’ deal that most agents force down your throat and this ‘one-in-a-lifetime’ offering changes every week. Not really 'deal of a lifetime' if you ask us...

You see our industry values deals not strategy so they force you into a feeding frenzy of deals, hotspot this, cheapest price that, huge potential, market booming, act now or miss out... but this is the smokescreen... 

Our approach is that we get your goals and strategy right first, find the perfect area, then we can introduce One Great Property Idea.

That’s all it takes to set your portfolio up for success. Seriously you don't need hundreds of properties and deals through at you, a few dry runs acting as if you are going to buy and then you'll have the confident and certainty that it's the right deal for you.  

Check out some of our past Great Property Ideas.

  • Woolwich

  • Croydon

  • Lincoln

Royal Arsenal Riverside, London (Sold 2011 onwards)

We first started investing here when it was a car park but with 17,000 new homes, a Crossrail station and the backing of one of the biggest developers in the country, and our closest partner, Berkeley Homes. We have sold in every phase and many investors have seen 100% uplift in their values, rent have grown as well and the site is expertly managed and maintained. In fact, a number of our investors have sold out and recycled their money into our Next Great Property Idea...

Property Investment... Effortlessly Done For You!

Theory is great but how are you practically going to effortlessly buy property and build a portfolio and manage everything with minimal time commitment. Thankfully we have proven the model over the past 25 years in both the UK and Australia. We have thousands of clients who use our Set and Forget philosophy every day.

Imagine being able to have all this done for you without the hassle. The whole experience will be effortless on your part.  

  • researching, 
  • negotiating,
  • sourcing,
  • sales progression,
  • mortgages,
  • solicitors,
  • furniture,
  • lettings,
  • compliance and
  • management

All done for you and all effortless on your part. 

We'll even guarantee your property is let within 6 weeks or we'll pay the rent until it is *conditions apply. It's that level of certainty we have in everything we do, and after over 17 years you would expect that, wouldn't you? 

We'll regularly review your portfolio to ensure we maximise the growth opportunities, raise rents and look after any maintenance, even refurbs for you. It's all part of our unique Portfolio Management Approach to everything we do. We value your time, but we want to make sure that you are clear every step of the way.

3 Clients Stories... Which Are You? or create your own story. 

  • Busy Barrister to University LEcturer to Retired PRoperty Investor

  • Expat Oil trader tasks us to get his portfolio done before he burns out

  • Consulting & Surgery took this doctors time, we gave her the leverage She needed.

Jim & MJ's 15+ Year Investment Story.

Jim & MJ are some of our earliest clients from 2005. Rather than tell there story I will let Jim tell you. Simply watch the video:

What’s the first step before we create your story. Simple...

We’ll run you through our step-by-step process and explain everything then once you're ready we'll give you our ONE GREAT PROPERTY IDEA.

We cover everything in our free masterclass including answering all your questions on how we put it together for you.

Learn more by registering your seat to our webinar and get your One Great Property Idea.

In the masterclass we'll show you our 3+1 Regeneration Plan:

  1. Identifying your realistic goals and the timeframes to achieve them.
  2. Picking the best strategy for the current market so you can ride the wave of growth
  3. Finding the right property by the right developer with a proven track record and how to negotiate 1000s off the market price.


  1. Finally the secret hot sauce of the right area that is undergoing massive changes in the fundamentals… regeneration areas.

Join us for the free Masterclass where we will show you the simple 3+1 REGENERATION plan.

4 steps for massive growth and certainty in your investments. Adding the Regeneration element provides a surety that your property will increase, not only in capital value, but income as well as the area becomes more attractive to homeowners and tenants alike.

So avoid the highly refined sales tactics most agents use naturally (most deliberately) and don’t be pulled into a portfolio that takes your time and steals your life. Get a clear direction, a strategy that works in any market and ride the wave of change in fundamentals through massive regeneration to give you the capital and income that One Great Property Idea guarantees.

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