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Comprehensive Portfolio Report that will capture your current situation, and give you valuable information on the current market and tell you what type  of investor you are. 

UK Pension Income

What’s Gonna Happen To UK Pension Income Over The Next 10 Years…Hint It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty

Pension returns have been diminishing UK Pensions have been under siege for over a decade. I wrote a book alluding to the issues over a decade ago and nothing has changed, in fact it's gotten worse... Far worse it would

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Eviction Ban

Eviction Ban Lifted 20 Sept 2020

the courts will be overwhelmed because of the 6 months backlog What you need to know about Eviction Ban being lifted. What the possible problems you might encounter. Let's talk about the eviction ban so the eviction ban is being

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Where to Invest in UK

Where To Invest In UK Property in Q4 2020?

How do we know which areas are good for UK property Investment? Let's talk about areas to invest. Because I think this is really important and I think the the thing for me is you know whatever happens there's still

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Singapore Property Investors

Singapore Property Investors: Is it time to grab a UK deal?

Things are looking good in the UK, Property Investors need to start thinking what is it that you want to do...expand your portfolio etc. What I want to chat with you guys are the opportunities that are starting to come

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Property Investor Profile (PIP)

Please help us by answering with as much detail as possible to help us to prepare the report and give you really valuable insights into your current situation, potential results and strategy to get you there.

The report will also cover likely training needs, potential emotional barriers.

Finally, we will explain where you fit into our unique Property Investor Profile. A unique profile that we have developed over the past 25 years in property, much like a personality profiler it will give you a clear understanding of how best to proceed and likely fears, concerns barriers you are likely to face. It will also suggest those tasks that you should Do and Delegate in your portfolio based on your profile.

(Currently in BETA is we'd love your feedback)

Your Linkedin profile will give us a valuable insight into your professional career and allow us to better understand your risk profile, income potential, time availability.
Plan: Where are you ending up?
Current: Where are you starting from?
Strategy: How are you getting there?
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Make the correct decision

Very helpful and knowledgeable team, specially Ryan who patiently answered my numerous questions helping me make the correct decision.


Very professional service

Ryan was excellent, extremely helpful from start to finish with friendly and very professional service.


You can always count on

A neophyte in the property business like me would be confounded by the maze of documents and processes involved in a typical transaction. However, you can always count on the resilience and competence of the Gladfish Team, especially the duo of Caroline and Neelam, to sort you out. Diligent, efficient, dogged and reliable. They are a wonderful bunch.


Service with a Smile.

I have worked with Helen (in a supplier capacity) for a number of years, and she has always been very professional and helpful but more than that always friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

Happy - Client

Would recommend to potential investors from all backgrounds

I have been in contact with both James and Ryan, they have provided me with valuable advise on my area of interest and shown continuous support throughout the process. A helpful and resourceful company, would recommend to potential investors from all backgrounds.

Amien - Client

Smooth process

Thank you Caroline for assisting me to complete my Manchester property smoothly in Aug 2020 with great follow up and follow through to ensure completion on time. Caroline even assisted me despite her holiday. Keep up the great work.

Thank you Philippa for looking after my portfolio during COVID 19. There were so many things that happened and Phillippa handled everything smoothly.

You guys are a great partner in my property investment journey.

Han - Investor

Good communication

Very helpful and informative team with good communication between customer & consultant.


You feel confident

I discovered Gladfish after watching some of Brett's investment videos on youtube and so far it has been a pleasure to work with Dan and James on getting started building up a portfolio. The service, knowledge and care they provide are second to none and they make you feel confident with all aspects of searching for investment and the purchase. I decided to go for property number two through them almost immediately after the first as it all went so smoothly the first time.


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