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A growing city situated in the heart of England, Birmingham has excellent potential for property investment. While many choose to focus on London, the benefits of investing in the UK's second largest city are starting to be realised by many. But are you sure that Birmingham is the right investment decision for you? And do you know which areas in Birmingham are best to invest in? We can show you! Let Gladfish help you build a thriving Birmingham property investment portfolio... All done for you!

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In the current market, investing in property gets you a better return than the bank due to the demand for great properties in good locations. As the UK's second largest city, Birmingham is an extremely exciting area for property investors. This means that demand is high and the market moves fast, so finding and accessing profitable Birmingham properties can be difficult without the right help. Gladfish can provide everything an investor needs to build a property portfolio in Birmingham, all effortlessly done for you!

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Birmingham Property Investment Research

While investors used to look to the capital as the top investment market in the UK, times are starting to change. Birmingham has become the number one choice for many property investors thanks to incredible tenant demand, exceptional growth and mass regeneration across the city. If you’re looking for the best Buy-to-Let opportunities in the UK, you should definitely consider Birmingham as an area to invest!

The reasons for investing in Birmingham property are simple: The city offers affordable properties, high potential for growth, strong yields compared to other UK investment hotspots and consistent tenant demand. In fact Birmingham ranks as one of the most popular cities in Europe in which to invest. It attracts investment into citywide retail, commercial and residential space, and infrastructure projects.

The future is bright for the UK’s second largest city, and what better time to invest than now while the market is growing? This is the ideal time to sow the seeds of a fruitful investment in Birmingham. Gladfish can help you achieve your investment goals, with area research, property selection & negotiation... All Done For You!

birmingham property investment

Buy-to-Let Property Investment in Birmingham

birmingham property investment

Forecasts from 2019 demonstrated how the Birmingham buy-to-let market is expected to continue with a strong performance over the next 5 years. Continuous development and investment has influenced many around the country to move and take advantage of what the city has to offer. To add to this, Birmingham is home to four major universities, meaning a massive student population in need of rental properties!

Investors should research the top hot spots around the city to ensure the best returns. Postcodes such as B1 and B5 are highly sought after, as the area offers fantastic transport links and local amenities.

Managing Your Birmingham Property Investment

Gladfish offer an effortless property management service in Birmingham to help oversee your investment. We understand that you are an investor and not a landlord, so we will take care of the time consuming landlord duties, doing all the hard work for you. From finding your tenant, to managing the property, paying your bills, accepting your post, arranging your tax, and paying your rent within 24 hours of receipt, we’ve got you covered.

At Gladfish, we have a ‘Set and Forget’ philosophy, leaving you time for the important things in life, like lifestyle, family and your passions. Your dedicated property manager will take care of all the day to day problems that might occur. Even throughout the night you won’t be disturbed, thanks to our 24/7 emergency hotline for tenants. Leave all of the hassle and stress to us. 

birmingham property investment
birmingham property investment

Grow your Portfolio with Birmingham Property Investment

Our team can also offer specialist guidance and advice for growing your property portfolio in Birmingham. The careful management of a property portfolio can help improve its profitability. We help you achieve this through portfolio expansion, improving rental yields, or increasing capital growth. Monitoring overheads, minimising rental voids and strategic refinancing also all contribute to enhance portfolio performance. Do you need help with this? Contact our team today!

Diversification will help minimise risk as your property portfolio grows. Spreading the investment across different markets and locations can safeguard against fluctuations in property values. While your focus is on growing your portfolio, we are here to help, including with the maintenance and management of your Birmingham properties.

Birmingham Property Investment FAQs

Why has Birmingham property investment grown in popularity? 

While London was once the top investment market in the UK, other major cities around the UK such as Birmingham are starting to rival the capital in terms of investment opportunities. Birmingham property investment is the number one choice for many investors thanks to incredible tenant demand, exceptional growth and mass regeneration across the city.

If you’re looking for the best Buy-to-Let areas in the UK, then Birmingham should be at the top of your list of locations to consider.

Where are the best buy to let investment areas in Birmingham?

Birmingham offers affordable properties, high potential for growth, strong yields compared to other UK investment hotspots and consistent tenant demand. The UK’s second largest city ranks as one of the most popular in Europe in which to invest and is currently attracting billions of pounds of investment into citywide retail, commercial and residential space, and infrastructure projects.

For investors, now is the ideal time to sow the seeds of a fruitful investment in Birmingham because the future is very bright and has much to offer for investors.

Is Birmingham good for property investment?

Birmingham has a lot to offer when it comes to property investment. Whether you’re looking for access to transport links, high-performing yields, good schools nearby or plenty of amenities, Birmingham has plenty of investment hotspots offering all of the above. Some ideal areas for buy to let investments are: Birmingham City Centre, Digbeth, Erdington, Solihull, Jewellery Quarter, Eastside and Harborne. Check out our area research guides and speak to a member of our team for the very latest Birmingham property investment advice.

Does Birmingham Have a Good Rental Market?

Birmingham has one of the most competitive rental markets in the UK. For investors focused on long-term rental yields, a strong rental market is clearly a major positive. To establish a good rental market you need several things: affordable property, demand and above-average asking rents. The Birmingham rental market can offer you all of these things. Aside from being one of the most affordable markets in the UK, it also has a rapidly rising population. It’s expected that the population will hit 1.24 million by 2030, while rents are expected to rise again by 14% over the next four years.

What is the impact of Birmingham’s growing business sector on property investment?

Birmingham’s booming business sector is a big driver of property prices and growth in the area. A number of large companies have moved to the city in recent years including Deutsche Bank and HSBC, which has become one of the largest employers in Birmingham. In addition, PwC has already signed the lease on offices in one of the largest schemes in the city centre, Paradise Birmingham. 

This relocation to the area by a number of multinational businesses has taken place alongside major regeneration projects. From Paradise Birmingham, to the redevelopment of Digbeth and the installation of HS2, Birmingham is constantly progressing as a city and providing a better living experience for its residents.

Why is Paradise an upcoming Birmingham Property Hotspot?

Paradise is a regeneration project taking place in Birmingham city centre, spanning 7 hectares between Chamberlain and Centenary Squares. Included will be a large amount of modern office space (PwC has already claimed some of this), a hotel and commercial space for shops and restaurants. It isn’t due for completion until 2028, but you can see why this will be a fantastic addition to the city and become a property hotspot in Birmingham. 

Want to take advantage of the Paradise regeneration project with Birmingham property investment? Check out our area research to learn more about this development and other property hotspots in Birmingham! Alternatively you can call us to speak to an expert.

Why Choose Birmingham over North-West Property?

Diversification is one of the most important factors for an investor and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a range of UK property investments. That said, if you’re just starting out or you only have scope for one UK property investment, we believe Birmingham offers the best balance of affordability, yield and growth. Manchester and Liverpool are both popular investment locales but provide different results. Manchester is a more expensive market than Birmingham and thus has lower yields (4.7% vs 5.1%), although over the last five years it has seen slightly better growth (22% vs 19%). Liverpool, on the other hand, has a lower average property price than Birmingham and offers slightly better yields (5.8% vs 5.1%) but has seen much less growth over the last five years (12% vs 19%).

What is the population of Birmingham?

Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK, with a size of 267.8 km² and a population of around 2,736,460 in the West Midlands region. The West Midlands region comes after Greater London which holds the top spot and is followed by Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

Is now the right time to invest in Birmingham property investment?

Now is a great time to invest in Birmingham property. The city ranks as one of the best investment opportunities in Europe. It has an economy of £24.8 billion, which is one of the strongest recorded outside of London. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that global businesses such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and PwC are relocating their headquarters to the city. While the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly caused some damage to the region’s economic strength, Birmingham’s universal appeal hasn’t faltered to mega businesses. With the 2022 commonwealth games just around the corner for Birmingham as well, now is an excellent time to invest.

How should I finance my Birmingham property investment?

Depending on your financial circumstances, there are a number of ways to finance your investment in Birmingham property. Some like to save up their money and pay for the property in cash. This may seem like a wise idea, except that it can tie up your cash reserves – preventing you from buying other properties or making much-needed repairs on your existing property (or properties).

Another strategy is to get a mortgage, by putting 20% down, for your investment property. While it may seem counterintuitive to incur more debt, this can actually pay off in the long-term. As rent payments come in, your mortgage will eventually be paid off. Other investors may prefer to look for private financing to purchase their investment properties, such as through a private money lender. Though financing of this kind usually requires some kind of track history as an investor, or at least some kind of relationship with the private lender, this type of financing can be quite lucrative.

Why Birmingham’s cultural scene is a positive sign for property investment

Birmingham has a thriving arts scene and after London, it has more Michelin star restaurants than any other city in the UK. A variety of cultural experiences and events draw residents and tourists to Birmingham. You might be surprised to learn that more tickets are sold at the Birmingham Hippodrome than by another theatre, even the West End! And it isn’t only theatre: the distinctive Jewellery Quarter is home to Europe’s largest school of Jewellery, and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists is the UK’s second oldest independent art gallery. More development is coming for the Jewellery Quarter, as planners want to turn it into a hub for creative businesses. 

All of this means that more people are encouraged to move to Birmingham, to enjoy its cultural offerings. This demographic is made up of many young professionals who are looking to rent now, and buy later. As property prices are still comparatively lower than London and even Manchester, now is the time to invest in Birmingham to take advantage of this thriving cultural hub.

What does the Digbeth Regeneration project mean for Birmingham property investment?

Plans for a £1 billion regeneration project are underway in Digbeth, which the Sunday Times named as the ‘coolest neighbourhood in Britain’. The transformation will combine Digbeth’s industrial past with modern artistic influences, one example of which is the Custard Factory being redeveloped 15 acres of shops, restaurants, event space and digital enterprises. 

Known for its vibrant arts and music scene, Digbeth is already attractive to a number of young professionals looking to rent property in the area. This popularity is only set to rise with the regeneration projects that are in plan. Property prices in Digbeth are starting to rise, but while they remain at an average of £150,389, they are still affordable - So if you’re considering Birmingham property investment Digbeth should certainly be on your radar. Check out our area research to learn all you need to know about investing in Digbeth and other areas of Birmingham.

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