Shortcut Your Research With Our Property Investment Guides

Choose From Over 150+ Property Investment Guides

Shortcut Your Research With Our Property Investment Guides

Choose From Over 150+ Property Investment Guides

The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
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Property Investment Guides 2023

wdt_ID Guide Area County Pentagon Area country dateupdated postcodes town
1 Ashford-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Ashford Property Investment Guide Kent Commuter United Kingdom 08/03/2017 TN23, TN24, TN25, TN26, TN27 Ashford
2 Aylesbury-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Aylesbury Property Investment Guide Buckinghamshire Commuter United Kingdom 05/10/2017 HP19, HP20, HP21 Aylesbury
3 Barking-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Barking Property Investment Guide Greater London London 3-5 United Kingdom IG11 Barking
4 Barnet-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Barnet Property Investment Guide Barnet London 3-5 United Kingdom EN4, EN5, HA8, N2, N3, N10, N11, N12, N14, N20, NW2, NW3, NW4, NW7, NW9, NW11 Barnet
5 Basildon-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Basildon Property Investment Guide Essex Commuter United Kingdom SS13, SS14, SS15 Basildon
6 Basingstoke-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Basingstoke and Deane Property Investment Guide Hampshire Commuter United Kingdom GU34, SP11, RG7, RG15, RG19, RG20, RG21, RG22, RG23, RG24, RG25, RG26, RG27, RG28 Basingstoke and Deane
7 Bath-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Bath Property Investment Guide Somerset Major city United Kingdom 05/10/2017 BA1, BA2 Bath
8 Bedford-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Bedford Property Investment Guide Bedfordshire Commuter United Kingdom MK40, MK41, MK42 Bedford
9 Bexley-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Bexley Property Investment Guide Greater London London 3-5 United Kingdom 05/04/2017 DA1, DA5, DA6, DA7, DA8, DA14, DA15, DA16, DA17, DA18, SE2, SE18, SE28 Bexley
10 Birmingham-property-investment-off-plan.png?img_width=150&img_height=125 Birmingham Property Investment Guide West Midlands Major city United Kingdom 02/01/2018 B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B12, B15, B16, B18, B19 Birmingham

Our 5 step Research and Property Selection Process.

How we choose and research the best areas.


Hotspots Algorithm

Our Hotspots Algorithm brings 108 data points across 324 UK postcode districts. Giving each area a score.


Investment Guides

We then pick the minimum criteria we would be happy to invest in and undertake detailed research, preparing a Property Investment Guide for each.


Ripple Effect Pentagon

We research the investment fundamentals and look at the big picture too. We gather all this information into our best areas to invest research guides.



We visit the sites, contact developers in the ‘hotspots’ and carry out due diligence on the site to prepare our Due Diligence Invest Magazine on each of our developments.


Cash Flow Worksheet

Finally, we negotiate in volume on specific properties and prepare a Two-Year Cash Flow Worksheet for investors.

Pick Of The Month Property Investment Guides

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