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Buy-To-Let Property Investment Success

The definitive guide for property investors wanting to learn Buy-to-let property investment success in the UK property market, and those looking to expand their portfolio while minimising their risks with proven principles & strategies.

Property Investment... Effortlessly Done For You!

Our Ripple Effect Pentagon matches current market to your strategy when choosing your property.

Since 2004, over 200 of the top national, regional and local developers and agents use Gladfish as their first point of call for new-build and off-plan property sales. We focus our research and strategy based on our Key Focus Area Pentagon.

You get unprecedented access to these properties!

Property Selection & Negotiation... Done For You!

Access over 200 developers/ developments across the UK.

Map London

New Build or Off Plan Residential

Hotel Room

Hotel & Holiday Investments

High Yield

High Yield Refurbs


Development Funding


Australian Residential


Spanish Holiday Homes

Over a Decade of educational resources available to you!

We believe education should be free. No sales pitch, no complex property dogma - over 1000 blogs, 20 books, 200 hours of videos await.

Everything explained in the simplest of terms allowing you to tap into decades of knowledge and experience grounded in proven laws, principles, strategies, structures and advice.

Buy-to-let property investment Success

Since 2004, we've DONE it all FOR YOU, researching, negotiating, sales progression including mortgages & conveyance, letting and management. Our whole philosophy is Set and Forget making property investment as easy as possible.

Starting out or expanding your portfolio we have the simple approach, proven strategies and decades of expertise.

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Developers national, regional and local

sold Over

£1 Billion

London & UK Property



investors from 27 countries

Your success is my success

My property consultant has been very helpful and understanding of the difficult circumstances surrounding my ability to even make time to talk. He has struck a very good balance between assisting without being too intrusive. From what I have witnessed Gladfish deserves its success. Your success is my success!


All doubts about the sanity of investing in property went away.

Gladfish has delivered everything they said they would, both painlessly and at predicted costs. I found myself getting extremely excited at the prospect of investing in property, especially because we have this idea for years but never quite dared to take the plunge. All doubts about the sanity of investing in property went away.


Helped through some hiccups

The team are extremely professional and gave us sound advice on the property investments we have purchased. They've been very patient with our numerous questions concerning the purchase and have helped enormously through some hiccups.


Download your copy of
Buy-To-Let Property Investment Success 

Learn how Buy-to-let property investment works and Achieve Financial Freedom With Just 4 Properties.

Starting out or building a buy to let property portfolio is simple when you understand the principles, procedures, structures and strategies used by experienced property investors.

Learn the foundations successful buy-to-let investors use, avoid pitfalls and maximize returns. Learn how to manage your income tax efficiently, and overcome the recent stamp duty changes, Packed with real life stories of successful but to let investors who share important buying to let lessons they learnt the hard way.

Download this free book and learn:

  • 4 key buy to let property investment strategies and why they aren’t what you’ve been told.
  • Why the property trend cycle gives you a crystal ball and allows you to predict future house prices and call the market.
  • How to build a property portfolio deal with your emotions and transform you into a professional investor in no time.
  • Learn how to do your own due diligence, and create cash flows to guarantee profits
  • Appreciate why most agents don’t want you to know this.
  • Get free access to an on-call property consultant to hold your hand throughout the buying to let process

Find out why property investment is the most effective way to secure your financial future, plan for your retirement and live the life you want.

Find out why most property investors never succeed at building a successful property portfolio.

Download your copy today of Buy-to-let property investment success. Get instant access to our resources and team for support. 

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