Selling UK Property

Never Never Sell

Video Transcription: Hey guys. I thought I’d put some detail around my, never, never, never sell motto and what I actually mean by that, because I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding in that when you say, never, never, never sell, people think that that’s actually what you mean, that you should never sell, you […]

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UK Property Inspection

Fear of Inspecting a Property

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So, one of the fears that I see on a regular basis is fear of inspecting a property. It’s amazing how I oftentimes I have people ask me to come along … friends and that … come along to view a property they’re looking at buying. And this is more for the […]

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UK Property

Looking to Let or Sell your property

Video Transcription: So, guys, I think if you’re looking to let your property or sell your property, don’t just think that the agent that puts it on Rightmove and Zoopla… And in fact, some of them say they do over a hundred different platforms. I mean there’s lots of these platforms that are all around the […]

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Off Plan Property

3 Considerations in Buying an Off Plan Property

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So I thought I’d just talk to you about the three biggest things or considerations in buying an off plan property. Because I think a lot of people they don’t understand off plan and they don’t really understand what the style of investment it is, and I think the problem is when […]

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Property Rant

Brett’s Property Rants

Elements in the UK EconomyVideo Transcription: One of the elements you can really talk about with the UK economy, is the fact that it has a banking sector and the banking sector is huge. It is one of the banking centers. Obviously, New York and London are the two biggest, bar none, and still, even with […]

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UK Property Prices

What happens when prices go into freefall

Video Transcription: Hey guys. Had a great question here from Simone. So Simone basically said, “So what happens when prices go into free fall?” Which is pretty straight and direct and look, to be fair, they do. They do, at a certain time in the market, what we find, and I call it falling off the […]

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UK Property Investment

Strategy of Buying Kids a Home

Video Transcription: Hey Guys, so I’m a parent four times over. So four kids, all young, between about nine years old down to three years old. Well actually turning four and turning nine. But the reality is that one of the strategies that I worked in before we hate kids, was that I bought one property […]

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UK Property Investment

Getting Started In Property: Principle of A 5 Year Loan

Video Transcription: So the principle of a five year loan. So where I use this is basically when people have their own home and they’ve got some equity in their home and they’re not sure about using. They’re emotionally attached to paying down their mortgage because that’s what we’re taught to do. The reality is that’s […]

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Property Management

Effortless Property Management Done For You

Video Transcription: Just wanted to discuss today about effortless property management done for you and what that means. So there’s two elements to it, okay. So the first one is done for you. By far, the majority of our landlords are busy doing other stuff. They’re busy with their lives, they’re busy with their careers, their […]

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Webinar:  How to Make Property Investment Effortlessly Done For You! - Starting Soon