Handpicked and trained to provide you absolute certainty as you build your property portfolio or just get your first property.

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Portfolio Managers - Dan Varnaseri, Brett Alegre-Wood, Ryan Rahnavard, Ritesh Patel. 

Our team of Portfolio Managers have years of experience in helping to get you your first property or build your portfolio. Under the professional guidance of Brett Alegre-Wood the team will put you at ease as that answer your questions and give you confidence in the Plan and Strategy that you'll create. 

Once you plan and strategy is in hand they will oversee the entire process from there to ensure you achieve what you set out too. 


Convenience of Phone, Face-to-Face or Online

Either way we put aside a full 2.5 hours to chat with you about anything you need. The team can cover any topic to do with property, economic, politics and strategy.

Phone meetings will generally be done through Hangouts, Skype or GoToMeeting.

Face-to-Face you have a range of choices and countries where we regularly hold meetings. 

YPC Group has been trading since 2004

Customised presentation to your level of experience

It's important to us to have you walk away with certainty. So we tailor the contents of the meeting to your level of experience, we'll take the time to explain each concept and also recommend further reading from our plethora of articles, books and videos. 

If you're already experienced then let us deep dive into how we can help build your portfolio.

Choose your level and we'll tailor the meeting to this.

Choose from either an Initial, Property or Review meeting type.

We have 3 types of meetings that will determine the approach we take. 

Initial Meetings cover everything from Who YPC are, How we can help, Basics of Principle, Laws, Strategies and Planning.

Property Meetings are focussed on running you through a live property opportunity that you are interested in purchasing. We'll cover everything you need to move forward with certainty.

Portfolio Review meetings are designed to keep you on the track we last set and make sure you're getting the results we expected. If not we'll look to change direction, provide additional education, build a system to support you. 


Highly skilled and market aware, their job is to build your portfolio with the minimum of hassle and uncertainty.

Our highly skilled team undergo continuous training and updates to their knowledge of the property market. They are continuously challenged in their knowledge and have sold many millions in new build and off plan property.
Emotional Intelligence is a key part of Portfolio management
Brett Alegre-Wood YPC Group Portfolio Managers

Have an informal chat with my team, they can cover any property topic with ease.

They are all battle-hardened investors with years of experience in building portfolios for our clients. 

Brett Alegre-Wood
Founder & Head of Portfolio Management

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