Our Major Charity Project

KUMA Cambodia School

Kuma Cambodia School and Education Center provide education, healthcare and nutrition to vulnerable young children, English and computer courses for poor teenagers and workshops and guidance for parents and guardians.

They are located in Takhmao south of Phnom Penh.

Brett, our Chairman and his daughter, Ahmani first travelled there in 2017 and since them the Ezytrac and Gladfish team regularly travel to Kuma and take part in programs.

Since the primary school opened in June 2012, we now have 100 eager students. Within weeks from starting at Kuma the students are transformed from sad, malnourished children with bad skin and multiple health issues into bright-eyed little people, brimming with confidence and energy. We have also seen that their concentration increases fast, and they seem genuinely excited and happy.

An amazing amount of learning takes place including personal hygiene and organisational skills, social skills, cooperative play and, of course, the academic curriculum.

The children are learning the local Khmer curriculum, which is enriched with English lessons, dance, drama and P.E.
The staff at the Kuma school are all local and live in the area. 

The children are so enthusiastic and determined and the change in them in just weeks is amazing to see. Eating properly, drinking clean water, having their health monitored and illnesses attended to has given the children more energy, cleared up skin conditions and they are starting to gain weight.

Our Corporate & Social Responsibility Policy

The business commits a minimum of 2% of it's profits towards the various socially responsible activities, this includes donating to charities, organising charity events, and supporting staff and clients in various endeavours.