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Evergreen House North,
Grafton Place, Euston, London,
NW1 2DX, United Kingdom



The Regatta Henley Way
Lincoln LN6 3QR, United Kingdom


We also conduct regular meetings in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, & Bahrain.

Getting to our offices

Address: Evergreen House North, Grafton Place Euston London NW1 2DX

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  • General Info
  • We allocate a full 2.5 hours per meeting (we're usually done in 2 though) so please give yourself the tme to answer all your questions.
  • We are available for face-to-face and phone meetngs between 8am and 9pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Fridays. We are also available on Saturdays between 9:30am and 3pm. We are not available Sundays.
  • Our team usually wear suit attire at all times except for 'Smart Casual Friday and Casual Saturdays' so please feel free to join in if you are coming to meet us on Friday or Saturday.
  • Should you choose to meet us on Saturday we would ask that you confirm at least the day before otherwise your appointment will be canceled. This is so that your Portfolio Manager doesn't lose time out of their weekend if you choose not to come.
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